Sunday, May 22, 2005


If you have something to say, but not necessarily relating to any particular post or topic, then this is the place for you. 

Leave a comment here, and feel free to write anything. Seriously. Anything. 

Subjects might include (but are not limited to): My blog, your blog, sports, life in general, your new boat, the weather, Boy Scouts, Apple vs. Microsoft, suggestions for future posts, AA support, AAA support, AAA batteries, criticisms, liberal bashing, etc. 

I promise I read every comment, so speak your mind, son!

This is your feedback page. Own it. 


Justin said...

I don't like that the comments come up in a new window. Why do you have to be different? Can you set it to come up in a new tab? It's more of a size of the window issue.

And the dang word verification is enough to deter me from commenting more often.

Adam said...

Justin, just for you I've switched back to the traditional comment page.

But the word verification stays.

Justin said...

Thank you Adam. Also can you post more often? I am not being sarcastic here. Sometimes I get really bored at work and need new material. At least two a day would be good, but I could easily fit reading four posts a day into my schedule.

ali said...

Ads, the word verification is annoying and unnecessary. No one gets spam comments, they are mythical. For instance, I've had my blog up and running for over two years and haven't had a single spam comment.

And by the way, what's up with AAA batteries? They are so smug.

Ok, I need to get back to knitting.

Austin Sheens said...

What do you think about the lack of press BYU gets from ESPN when it is highlighting "Non-AQs to Watch". I mean, BYU is almost completely omitted unless there's talk about BYU going independent. Is this season going to be really rough with the loss of Hall, Pitta, and Unga?