Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I hate this man

Those who hate Manu Ginobli please step forward. Not so fast, Adam Olsen!

After last night's circus of a fourth quarter, what self-respecting Jazz fan wouldn't hate Manu? Watching him flop around the court like a fish out of water made me sick. He fell down every time he was touched, and in turn got all kinds of calls from the refs. By the end of the game my hatred was white-hot, and I could see definite concern in my wife's eyes.

Manu was a big part of the problem last night, but he wasn't the only reason the Jazz lost. The Jazz controlled game 4 for three out of four quarters. Even when they were down 8 at half time, I was very happy with our control. Sure enough, we came out of the gate and cut the Spurs' lead to one after the third quarter.

Then in the fourth the Jazz became unglued. They cracked like the Liberty Bell. Not only were they fouling and committing heinous turnovers, they played with absolutely no urgency. When the Spurs were winning the game, the Jazz were still taking bad shots. Apparently they didn't understand that every possession counted. When they needed points the most, they played the worst. It was hard to watch.

But I must say, this is all happening exactly how I said it would. The Spurs will now close out the series at home. The Jazz just don't have the guts to hang with a team like the Spurs. But, we fans can rest easy knowing we were arguably the second best team in the league. Now the national hype will follow us into next season.

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