Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blue Out!

To the loyal readers of Adam's Sports Blog, I present the vision of what LaVell Edwards Stadium can be: a sea of blue, as thunderous as a night at Club Vortex in SLC. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my dream (along with the addition of another 100,000 seats or so).

So what's the deal? Why don't people where blue to the games? The above picture, if you haven't already guessed, isn't real. The real stadium looks like a handful of Skittles- Wild Berry Skittles. Why can't we understand that when you attend BYU football games, there is a dress code: BLUE. Cougar Blue.

I live within walking distance of LaVell Edwards Stadium. It's about as easy for me to get to the games as anyone in that crowd. And yet, it's still a sacrifice and commitment for me to be at every game. This kind of commitment isn't casual- I understand that I'm part of something great when I sit in those stands. As such, you better freaking believe that I cover myself in BYU blue. That's why I don't understand it when people who drive farther than I do, park miles away from the stadium and sit in five-hour game won't make the extra effort to make sure he or she is wearing a blue shirt. I don't get it!

But truthfully, I'm not as concerned with travelling families as I am with BYU students. As one who frequents the student section, it makes my physically and violently ill when I look out on the throngs of apathetic students who aren't even paying attention to the game, much less wearing school colors. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty who are worthy of the title "Cougar Crazies," but there are far too many who consider games casual, social events, and treat them as they would a stake dance. Pink polo shirts? Aviators? Designer jeans? What is this, a George Michael concert?

My plea to those who are reading this is simple: Wear blue! You may not think it's important, but it is. It unifies the fans, buoys the teams' spirit and intimidates our opponent. If you're on the fringe, do me a personal favor and get yourself a blue shirt this year. Heck, give me the material and I'll make you one. Just don't show up to the game looking like this:

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