Thursday, July 19, 2007

An open apology to my dad

My dad and I were nearing the end of a rousing round of golf yesterday when we had a bit of an altercation after the 16th hole. The competition was fierce, and each stroke counted, so when a questionable score was reported, a disagreement about the rules of golf began.

See, when I teed off on the 16th, my first ball went out of bounds. So, under rule 27-2 of the USGA official Rules of Golf, I teed up a provisional ball. My second drive was straight and true, about 80 yards from the green. Naturally, I took a one-stroke penalty for my second tee shot and continued to play. My second shot was a pitch onto the green, and I two-putted for a 5 (counting my first out-of-bounds shot).

When I reported the score to my dad, he raised an eyebrow and kept his silence as long as he could. Finally, he said, "You know, you really got a six on that last hole."

To which I replied, "Get outta here!"

And the disagreement began. He claimed that I was really hitting three on my second shot, when I thought I was only hitting two. He said my first stroke was the shot into the woods, my second was the drop, and my provisional ball was actually my third stroke.

Initially, I refused to believe it was true. If that were the case, I said, why didn't I drop up by where my ball went out of bounds? Why the trouble of hitting a provisional ball? I still don't quite know the answer to that question, but upon further inspection into the rule, it appears my dad was right. So, dad, you are right and I was wrong.

He was merciful and allowed me to keep my five, even though the guilt hangs over my head even still.

Anyway, if there are any golf experts out there who would be able to shed more light on the subject, please let me know.


Becky O. said...

Gosh, for some reason this reminds me of our experience in Orlando's Fantasia miniature golf course.

Brett Zobell said...

Adam, you are too competitive. That kind of tenacity is great for flag football and RM ball, but has no place in the game of golf. I'm glad you apologized and I'm still waiting for my apology when you did the same thing 2 years ago at Riverside.