Thursday, September 20, 2007

A battle of the Cellar-Dwellers

I was sitting at home eating a fresh tomato sandwich for lunch when I decided to flip on ESPN to see what the prima donna sports writers had to say about the sports world today. Not surprisingly, they were talking about Notre Dame and how horrible the football team looks this season. One of the talking heads went so far as to say Notre Dame is one of the worst D-1 teams this season. I was surprised at this comment. I mean, statisically speaking he's dead right, but with Notre Dame's resources and talent pool that can't be true, can it? The great Notre Dame??

I decided to delve further into this man's claim and compare Notre Dame with the worst football team I know: Utah State University. Last week was a great week to do so, too, since both teams played powerhouse teams on the road in week 3 (Notre Dame played @ Michigan; USU played @ Oklahoma). Keep in mind, also, that Michigan is not the "powerhouse" team they were projected to be. That makes this comparison even more interesting. So, let's do it!

Here are each team's stats in their losing efforts.

Utah State:
Passing Yards-87
Interceptions thrown-2
Fumbles lost-2
Rushing Yards-44
Fumbles Recoverd-0
Kick/Punt Return Yards-174
FG-1/1; 30 yards

Notre Dame:
Passing Yards-85
Interceptions thrown-2
Fumbles Lost-2
Rushing Yards- -6 (That's negative six)
Fumbles Recovered-2
Kick/Punt Return Yards-159

Wow. I knew it would be shocking, but this is horrible. Notre Dame has some real problems. I've got to be honest, if these two teams ever play each other in the near future, I like the Aggies to win 3-0.

PS- In 2006, Utah State went its first 4 games without scoring an offensive touchdown. Similarly, Notre Dame has yet to score an offensive touchdown in its first three games. I smell a rivalry brewing!


Russ Nelson said...

With all those negative yards someone has got to get a safety. I predict 3-2 Aggies.

Go State!

That's right Bennion they're going to win 3-2

Jeris said...

Well done Adam. This is the sort of article that puts sports writers on the map. Expect some calls with big numbers attached in the next couple of weeks.

jonathan said...

That would be a great match up. They'd really be fighting to be the "second-to-worst team in college football".

Eliot said...
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Eliot said...

It's like watching two trains headed towards each other on the same track. Of course you'd watch, and you know it's gonna be ugly!

Ross said...

Throw 'em both in D-2.

Brett Zobell said...

I'm thinking about trying to live out my old high school football days by walking on to the Notre Dame football team. Who's with me?