Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Call Me Mr. Optimism

I'm in my third day of mourning BYU's 47-55 loss to Tulsa.

That was a horrible game to watch, friends. BYU never had control of the game's tempo. It reminded me of the Jazz/Warriors playoff series when the Jazz were sucked into the run-and-gun style of play suited to Baron Davis and his crew. The only difference is the Jazz won the series; BYU gambled with Tulsa's gameplan, and ultimately suffered a tragic defeat.

Additionally, Utah destroyed UCLA, and anyone who watched that game knows how bad it was too. UCLA didn't even score a touchdown! They looked like a carnival side-show, and Utah looked like a national powerhouse.

The college football world is crashing down all around me, but I remain optimistic.

First of all, we need to admit that Tulsa is a good team, and they played almost flawlessly on Saturday night (their offense did, anyway). Tulsa's QB, Paul Smith, was incredible, and I dare say he was the best QB we'll face all season. Not everyone is going to be able to make the throws he did.

Second, I feel better knowing that there are elements to Saturday's loss that are easily curable. Penalties, for example, won't always be a huge problem. The team will become more disciplined, and games like Saturday's, when the team was penalized 14 times for 150 yards or so, are the exception, not the rule. Turnovers aren't 100% curable, but that area will improve as well.

Finally, when BYU lost to UCLA their BCS hopes were dashed. You and I both know it. And, as B.D. (Brian Dalton) so accurately put it, a successful BYU team can really only accomplish one of two things every season: 1. Go to a BCS bowl, or 2. Win the MWC championship and go to the Vegas Bowl. So even though the Tulsa loss was a painful one, BYU's conference season is still ahead of them and perhaps now they've received a wakeup call.

The bottom line is I'm not about to jump ship. BYU is a great program win or lose, and Bronco Mendenhall is a great coach. I am still behind the team 100%, and I'll be in my seat 75 minutes early on Saturday fully expecting a huge win.

By the way, did I call the Iowa/Iowa St. game or what?


Ross said...

Your optimism is contagious.

Trevor said...

Yeah, good call on that Iowa/Iowa St. game. As I saw the scores, I thought of you. Well done. I'm "up" $177.50 on the year.