Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dissed by UNLV

I don't know if anyone caught this in the Salt Lake Tribune, but I found these quotes from UNLV players and coaches to be quite entertaining:

"Last week Utah coach Kyle Whittingham talked about how much he and his team enjoyed watching the film of their win over UCLA. This week UNLV is enjoying similar entertainment. [UNLV Running Back Frank] Summers told the Las Vegas Review Journal: "We watched the film today, and we just kind of laughed at all the people that dived at my ankles after a while. People were just throwing themselves in front of me."

Coach Mike Sanford said it was evident from watching the film Utah was afraid to tackle Summers. "They were avoiding trying to tackle him, no question in my mind," he told the paper.

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Wow. Avoiding the tackle? Those are fighting words, Mr. Sanford. I am no Ute apologist by any means, but I would keep the smack talk in check until you prove you're not the league's red-headed stepchild. UNLV is going to be lucky to escape this season with more than three wins.
You better be careful, Rebels, because karma is calling and my guess is soon enough you're going to be the butt of the jokes told in other teams' film rooms.

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Trevor said...

Normally I'd be bothered by comments like this from UNLV.....but when it's said about Utah, I just kind of enjoy it. Let the Rebels kick the Utes when they're down. I know I would. Plus, did you see the people attempting to tackle that guy? They really did look pansy.