Thursday, September 27, 2007

BYU vs. AFA highlights

I was watching these highlights, and I thought of my brother Andy. Andy couldn't possibly have seen this game, as he is a hard-working medical intern in Michigan and well outside the mtn. TV station's footprint. This video is for you, Andy. Pay special attention to Dennis "The new Jonny Harline" Pitta, and our first kickoff touchback of the year (I found it strange they would include a kickoff on the highlight reel, but with our special teams we'll take any accolade we can get).

Also, my oldest brother Aaron wouldn't have been able to see this game while he is living in Italy either. Something tells me he's okay with that, though. But, just in case you get a swell of pride for your alma mater, this one's for you too, Aaron.

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Aaron Olsen said...

Well, I started watching this to get a surge of the old stuff--until I looked down and noticed it was NINE MINUTES! I pressed the stop button and wiped the brow. If you are going to get me back into football the best I can give you at this point is 20 seconds. But from what I've seen of your and Becky's blogs, you guys are exercising enough enthusiasm for a whole army of apathetics like me.