Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007: The Day in Sports

It was a day of joy; it was a day of sadness. It was a day of triumph; it was a day of "what the?!" I speak, of course, of today, October 5, 2007.

First of all, did anyone catch the Utah/Louisville game tonight? I have to say, Utah is becoming less a hated rival and more a hilarious comedy sideshow to me. I am beyond hating the Utes; now I laugh at their extreme bipolar personality disorder. Just like that one friend who watched WCW with you in seventh grade, and then later turned into a drugged-out loser in eighth grade, the University of Utah can't seem to find a clear definition of who they are. They get stuffed by Air Force, then go on to kill UCLA. They get shut-out at UNLV, then go on to humiliate Louisville on national TV. I don't understand how Utah can get up for big games, but I'm not mad. I guess it's because I don't view Utah as a threat anymore. They're just funny to me. Let it rain, Utah Utes. Let it rain.

Now, in baseball news, it was a great day for guys like me who have a natural affinity toward New England and the Boston Red Sox. I've never been to Boston, but the people of New Hampshire really taught me to love the Red Sox, and I was fortunate enough to catch the end of game 2 between Boston and Anaheim tonight. Let me set the stage: 2 outs, 2 on. David Ortiz had just been walked, and Manny Ramirez takes the first pitch for ball 1. The second pitch was a fastball right down the gullet, and Ramirez put the wood on that thing like Ric Flair putting a figure-four leg lock on the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (too many wrestling references?). Anyway, Ramirez hits a three-run shot out of the park, and I could hear the roar from Fenway clear in Provo. The Red Sox won thanks to Ramirez' walk-off homer, and I have to admit, it was a cool thing to see.

Also, the Yankees lost. Good for the Indians! My dad was a little upset about this since he is a big Yankees fan, but I tried to tell him: This isn't the Yankees you used to love. This isn't Joe DiMaggio's or Mickey Mantle's team any more. The Babe is long gone, as is Yogi Berra. The Yankees of 2007 are an evil empire made up of money-grubbing pretty boys who sold their souls for a chance to win a World Series. That being said, You know what makes me so happy? Even with all their money, all their talent and all their resources, the Yankees still can't seem to win a championship. They're the Notre Dame of Major League Baseball.

What a good day for sports fans. Tomorrow promises to be just as good too- LSU beating the tar out of Florida, Oklahoma vs. Texas in the Red River Shoot Out, and Elder Eyring laying the smack down on all you sinners out there. Let's get it on!


Justin said...

Your analysis of the New York Yankees is below par. You just lost a loyal reader. If you are going to trash another man's team, at least use some good logic. And by the way. The Bosox have a bunch of sellouts as well. So please, go call a different kettle black for once.

Anonymous said...

For a team that can't win a world series they sure have a lot of trophies. Please get off the Yankee hater bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with paying good money for talent. EVERY TEAM WOULD DO IT IF THEY COULD!
Yankees Rule! Redsocks Blow!

Russ Nelson said...

Nothing is better then seeing the Damn Yankees lose! I hope that Torre cries as much when he gets fired as he did when they made it into the post season.
If you sign to play for the Yankees you are basically saying that all you care about is money, and notoriety; the love of the game is out the window!

Sox vs. Rocks in World Series
Adam good call on Eyering

Jeris said...

Classic New York whine anonymous. Put your name where your mouth is. Well done Adam and no, not too many wrestling references. Because when your in the N.W.O., your in the N.W.O. 4 live.

Tracy said...

Give me stinking break. NO ONE PLAYS professional baseball for the love of the game. They play to GET PAID! and if you think other wise your are a fool.
How come I never hear anyone whine about the Cowboys and thier big money franchise? They are the richest team not only in Football, but in the ENTIRE SPORTS WORLD! So does your contempt extend to them too, or are you just a hipocrite?
BTW, I don't put my name on the internet for a reason, but since you want to be a jack ass. Her eit is.

Adam said...

Tracy, I don't blame you for wanting to remain anonymous. The internet is a scary place - especially for a person with a girl's name. And for the record, I hate the Cowboys too.

Russ Nelson said...

Hey Tracy it looks like your over-paid, no heart Yankees couldn't pull one off for their old skipper last night. I guess it's his fault though by starting Clemens and his bum elbow. How about you throw some money at some pitching.
And who likes the Cowboys? Get Real. The Cowboys represent everything that is jacked up with the NFL.

Tracy Ann B. said...

No, the Yankees didn't win and haven't won in 7 years which makes all the big money whiners sound like fools. If your going to hate a team for supposedly buying championships, then stop crying about it 7 years later. Because you know in actuality it's not the money that is the issue for most of you. It's the Jealousy!

Most of you who whine about the money issue don't understand it anyway. Everytime the Yankees overpay the salary cap, other teams in the league benefit finacially from the fine they get. The teams you should reserve your contempt for are teams that increase tickets prices, concesssions, ect, and then don't use the money they get from the league to improve thier team, by paying their players. It must really suck to be a fan of a cheap owner like Bud Seilig used to be.

But like I said no championship in 7 years, so move on. You Yankee haters are like jilted lovers who can't het over it. Get a life.

BTW, Adam I know it might be hard to fathom for a Yankee hater that there are female sports fans out there, however, I have a WOMANS name, because I AM a WOMAN!

Trevor said...

Adam, can you block people from reading your blog? We don't want women poking their noses into our sports world.