Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is Pitta the New Harline?

Anyone who has seen each of the five BYU football games this season has to be impressed with a young lad named Dennis Pitta. He always seems to find the open field, his hands are as sure as the North Star, and he can bruise downfield with the best of 'em.

Inevitably, comparisons started to be made between Pitta and his near-legendary predecessor Jonny Harline. Harline appeared midway through the 2005 season, and one-hand-caught his way into Cougar fans' hearts through 2006. Harline's place in Cougar lore is solid, no doubt, but the young Pitta has turned many-a-head since his return from honorable missionary service.

So where do you stand? Are you a Pitta guy, or are you still in Harline's camp?

By no means is anyone forced to choose between the two, but I think we all should recognize how great an athlete Dennis Pitta really is. Therefore, I present stats through the first five games of Harline's senior season (2006) and the current season, 2007, Pitta's sophomore season.

Jonny Harline Through Five Games in 2006:
Rec: 21
Yards: 323
Avg. Yards per Catch: 15.4
TD: 2

Dennis Pitta Through Five Games in 2007:
Rec: 24
Yards: 375
Avg. Yards per catch: 15.6
TD: 3

There you have it. Pitta's stats through five games as a sophomore are slightly better in every category than those of Jonny Harline's as a senior. This could be due both to the athleticism of the player and the offensive system, but I believe it's both. BYU has been blessed with some gifted athletes at TE over the years, and the offensive system takes advantage of that strength.

So to sum up: Jonny Harline, thank you for all you've done.

Dennis Pitta, keep up the good work.


Trevor said...

Just remember that Harline had a slow start to last season and really picked it up as the season went along. Teams were really keying on him early in the season. Let's see if Pitta continues to excel. But right now, I'm a Harline lover (I met his grandpa in a gas station bathroom for crying out loud) who's beginning to have a HUGE man crush on D-Pitt. Dude's money.

Jeris said...

Well done Adam. I always love the stats. Maybe it is because I am shallow, but I'm a performance guy. I jump on and off band wagons quicker than anyone. I love Harline but right now I'm partying on the Pitta train. The only other thing I would ask of Mr. Pitt would be more corner of the end zone fades.

Russ Nelson said...

Dude looks money so far. Good thing he has 2.43 years to back his shish up. Along with being a quarterback factory we should look into becoming a tight end factory. We've got a good start!!! Anybody remember Chad Lewis?

Ross said...

Hey, you ripped this off of my travel itinerary for the UNLV game!

Anyway, that "hands as sure as the North Star" line was great. And I haven't come to a conclusion on who's the better TE. I suppose if my life depended on one of them catching a ball I threw, I'd go Pitta because I have never forgotten Harline's dropped pass in the '05 Utah game.