Tuesday, October 30, 2007

U embarrass us.

Raise your hands everybody- who caught the Utah/CSU game last Saturday? How about the UNLV/New Mexico game? And the Utah State/Utah game a few weeks ago? Anybody?

I'm guessing most of you aren't raising your hands. Why? Because I doubt a game will have much television viewership if it can't even attract fans to the stands to watch it live.

I am one of the few who can watch football on The mtn. - the official crappy station of the MWC. Along with juvenile play-by-play guys and horrible camera work, I have noticed something while watching these games. No one is in the stands. No one. Ever.

Case in point: I secretly root for the Aggies of Utah State, I'll be honest. Utah State is like the little brother I never had. Anyway, I watched their game at Utah with much interest, but I was sad to note that there were only 20 or so people in the stands. I took my mind off the game for a while to try and spot more people, but unless they were all out buying libations I don't think they were there.
Here it was, an in-state rivalry game, and the stadium wasn't even close to being half-way full. For the U. of U. Stadium, that's equivalent to about 1/4 full down here at BYU.

The trend has followed Utah to every one of its home games. Not only that, but hoards of empty seats are present at every stadium around the MWC on game day. Anyone who saw the aforementioned Utah/CSU game knows what I'm talking about.

What does this mean for a BYU fan like myself?

First of all, it's downright embarrassing. These other teams in our conference make me absolutely sick. Where's the pride? Where's the passion? The lack of interest at other schools is a black mark on our conference. To a casual passer-by, the MWC might understandably be mistaken for the middle-weight pee-wee division championships.

Second, it's painfully apparent that BYU flat out does not belong with this group of losers. Don't get me wrong- the teams are talented, and they give us competition in every sport. The programs, however, are more akin to Snow College down in Ephraim. (No disrespect to Snow, by the way. They're on their way to a JC national championship. But I digress.) BYU has a national following, the highest attendance for any non-BCS school (even ahead of a whole lot of BCS schools), a nationally recognized football team, a Heisman winner, a national championship, a whole heap of bowl appearances, boosters, facilities, etc.

BYU also has, I might add, one of the few athletic programs in the nation that is in the black - meaning, it's making money instead of draining it.

Yet here we are in a conference with a bunch of drunken inbreds (Wyoming), Pac-10 dropouts (UNLV), dirty hippies (Utah), and Texas' retarded little brother (TCU).

BYU is a BCS program stuck in a JC conference. It's embarrassing, and it ticks me right off - especially since there's nothing we can do about it. All we can do is sit back and hope and pray for that one magical day we get an invite to be in a BCS conference...

It will come. Just believe!

(Note: For an interesting read, check out this article from Gordon Monson)


Shawn M. Ballard said...

I totally agree. We need to go independent until that magical day when we get our invite. We really are guilty by association. So we end up looking bad because we are involved in this mess of a conference. I would rather be relevant with a 7-5 record than irrelevant with a 10-2 record. Not saying that we would end up 7-5 every year but that would be much better than 10-2 in the MWC.

Trevor said...

You stole that relevant line from David Locke on 1320 KFAN. You can't pull a local sports talk radio fast one on me.

Ross said...

Solid article. This is the type of read that keeps me going on a Thursday afternoon.

Becky O. said...

You are long overdue for a new post. Your readers are waiting.