Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nevada Won't-Pack

Wow, the content is just pouring out of my fingertips these days. In my record sixth post in two days, it is my pleasure to break the news that Nevada will NOT be making the trip to Provo next year to play the mighty Cougars.

I heard the news while listening to Coach Mendenhall's weekly call-in show on KSL, and I thought I would be the first to break the story, but it seems the Salt Lake Tribune found out as well.

Welp, no Nevada next year. And with no one under contract, it looks like BYU will have to schedule another FCS (D-1AA) team next year in addition to playing Utah State. It's not going to help our strength of schedule, but when you're dealing with those slimy WAC teams, what can you do?


Russ Nelson said...

The schedule isn't looking to rough for our mighty Cougs next year with Washington, hosting UCLA and at Utah State. I'll put in a call to Urban to see if Florida wants to visit, if not it looks like we'll be playing Appalachian State (or any other D2 school)

I say we go 12-0 next year with a huge victory over UCLA.

Ross said...

I say BYU should schedule the Idaho Vandals. If they won't come, how about we invite Yale? It could be the "Y" vs. the "Y." Talk about hype!