Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bowl Season: Week 1

Remember that feeling we all felt on December 1 after the regular season for college football ended? That strange emptiness inside, and the feeling like we couldn't go on any more? Well, just in the nick of time, just when we were all about to lose all hope...


...and there's no better place on the Web to find out about all your favorite bowls than Adam's Sports Blog. That's right, ASB is the new headquarters for all your bowl knowledge needs, and for all you sports fans that need someone else to pick the winners for you, look no further! So, without further adieu, let the games begin!

What: The Poinsettia Bowl
Where: San Diego
When: Thursday, December 20
Who: Utah vs. Navy
The Skinny: Utah is a good team that finally started playing consistently at the end of the year. But, anyone who watched Navy play knows they're not too shabby either. Navy brings their high-octane running game, and Utah brings that one dancing lady. Tough call, but I'm going against the grain and picking the Midshipmen. Navy 31, Utah 20.

What: New Orleans Bowl
Where: New Orleans
When: Friday, December 21
Who: Florida Atlantic vs. Memphis
The Skinny: There may be two teams I care less about than Florida Atlantic and Memphis, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Talk about a waste of time bowl game. But then again, Florida Atlantic fans might say the same thing about the Las Vegas Bowl. Memphis 28, FAU 21

What: Bowl
Where: Birmingham, Ala.
When: Saturday, December 22
Who: Cincinnati vs. Southern Miss
The Skinny: I like Cincinnati in this game. I get a good feeling from the Bearcats. Not like those mangy Southern Miss Golden Eagles. I hate them so much! Cincinnati 27, Southern Miss 18

What: New Mexico Bowl
Where: Albuquerque
When: Saturday, December 22
Who: Nevada vs. New Mexico
The Skinny: Normally I'd say the Lobos win in a heartbeat, but New Mexico will be without Rodney Ferguson, who is their leading rusher, and perhaps one of the best in the MWC. But I still think New Mexico, playing in front of their home crowd (if such a thing exists) will end their dismal bowl losing streak. UNM 35, UN-R 20.

What: Las Vegas Bowl
Where: Las Vegas
When: Saturday, December 22
Who: UCLA vs. BYU
The Skinny: I think BYU is going to straight up murder UCLA, and not just because I'm a rabid BYU fan. Now that the season is over, the two teams have learned their respective identities: The Cougars are winners, the Bruins are losers. UCLA will be a test, don't get me wrong, but BYU will throttle Ben Olson and the dirty Bruins in front of 40,000 BYU fans in Vegas. BYU 31, UCLA 17.

What: Hawaii Bowl
Where: Honolulu
When: Sunday, December 23
Who: East Carolina vs. Boise State
The Skinny: This is BSU's second trip to Hawaii this year, so I'm thinking they got all the touristy stuff out of the way on their first trip. My guess is the Broncos will be busy putting the hurt on East Carolina while the Pirates are still reeling from the luau the night before. Boise State 38, ECU 21.


Jeris said...

You know Adam I like your style. Never get down on the cougars and never give Utah the edge even in a game they should win. I hope your your right I would love to see Utah get gunned down.

Ross said...

Memphis has a football team?

sheprd said...
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