Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Riddance, Gordan!

Yesterday I made reference to Gordan Giricek's recent "banishing" to the locker room after an argument with Head Coach Jerry Sloan. Apparently our favorite Eastern European has been sent home from the Jazz's road trip in shame, and his status on the Jazz is unknown.

Does anyone else think this might not be a bad thing?

I want everyone to think for a moment: When were you last happy with Gordan Giricek? When he made that one shot a few games ago? That one funny commercial he was in for KJZZ 14? Pretty much ends there doesn't it?

Yeah, Giricek is not my favorite Jazz player. In fact, Giricek could disappear right now and I'd never know the difference.

Check that, I would know the difference. The ball would probably be getting in the hands of more capable players, and I'm guessing more points will be scored. Giricek, in case you haven't seen the Jazz play in the past 5 years, is a black hole.

He's a chucker.

I don't think I've ever seen him pass. Ever. But don't get me wrong - being a chucker is fine, if you can actually make a shot every once in a while. Giricek never makes a shot. Giricek is one of those guys that somehow slipped through the talent-evaluation stage of making it to the NBA. Somehow he got in while being a horrible player. He must have slipped the scout a mickey or something, because he is not NBA-caliber.

So good riddance, Gordan. Send me a postcard when you get back to Yrgyslvakia.


Ross said...

Hey Jazz, talk the Bulls into trading Gericek for Ben Wallace. He'll put an 8-lane bridge over that defensive gap of yours. And I would probably buy season tickets.

Trevor said...

I've hated Gira for years.