Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Hawai'i Dilemma

***Before you read this post, you must know that I have always referred, and will always refer to Hawai'i as "The Rainbow Warriors," even though they have recently dropped the rainbow descriptor. Their efforts to masculine-ize their school mascot won't work with me.***

To root for the Rainbow Warriors, or to root against them? That is the question I must face in the next few days.

Hawai'i is not one of my favorite teams, by any means. They have historically been at odds with BYU, and even though their rivalry has fizzled since BYU left the WAC, there are still some bitter feelings there.

Personally, I don't like Hawai'i because they have no class. They were always bitter about BYU's national respect and success, and they always did whatever they could to take the spotlight. Case in point, in 2004, Hawai'i QB Timmy Chang passed Ty Detmer to become the all-time leader in passing yards. He did it by running up the score, passing on every down and staying in late in blow-out games.

This year, Colt Brennan broke Detmer's all-time TD record in pretty much the same fashion. Hawai'i can't stand BYU's national respect, and so it has to play dirty games to take our records.

Plus, I don't like how Hawai'i got in the Sugar Bowl this year. Sure, they're the only undefeated FBS team, but they played most of their games in Aloha Stadium - where they are absolutely invincible - and two teams on their schedule were FCS (formerly D-1AA) teams. That is in addition to a WAC schedule that includes Idaho, Utah State, San Jose State and Louisiana Tech who are barely D-1A as it is.

It's not right. They have the softest schedule in the league, and they get rewarded a huge bowl game for beating up on the little kids.

For that reason, I hope Georgia obliterates the Rainbow Warriors.

On the other hand, Hawai'i also represents something else: they are the little guy. In a way, Hawai'i is the flag bearer of every so-called "mid-major" school in the league. Much like Boise State last year, Hawai'i will go into New Orleans as the boy in a man's game, and I'm guessing no one will give them a real shot to win.

However, if they do win, that would mean non-BCS schools are perfect against their BCS bigger brothers. That would mean more credibility would be given to the argument that every team deserves an equal shot. A Hawai'i win would give more respect to teams like BYU, and they may even pave the way for a non-BCS team to win a national championship.

It could happen.

Plus, I would love to see the mighty SEC fall on national TV to a WAC team. Heaven knows I loved seeing Oklahoma get beat last year by Boise State.

So what say you, loyal readers? Should I root for the Rainbows?


Ross said...

I'll take the Ute approach on this one. If they lose, it's just fine because I don't like them. If they win, well, it's a win for the conference (or in this case, the non-BCS conferences).

I actually watched the game where Chang passed Detmer in total yards. The damned coach left him in near the end of a blow-out game just to get the record (a record he had help getting, because Hawaii plays one extra game each year).

And you forgot to mention that the dirty Rainbows were the ones to take us down after a 12-0 start in 2001. I still have shaky hands from that game.

Russ Nelson said...

I hate the Rainbows. As a lad I would stay up late to listen to the games on the radio with my pops, and I'd watch them when they played here in Provo. They are dirty players, the coaching staff has no class, and they hate BYU (sound familiar Utes)

I will never cheer for them. I hate the Utes and the Rainbow Warriors

PS Could you put a picture of there old gay helmets up on the blog?

Shawn M. Ballard said...

I think you gotta look at the bigger picture here. Cheer on the greater good! If Hawaii wins everyone will be talking about how unfair the system is. If they loose, we all loose. I'm not asking for you to be a schizophrenic fan by hating Hawaii and cheering for them at the same time, I am asking for us to cheer against the defeat of the Evil Empire. You might feel better for a moment if they loose, but in the long run it hurts your team if they loose. To borrow a quote from High School Musical "Were all in this together".


Jeris said...

I say down with the dirty Rainbows. Hawai'i winning this game is not good for all those schools out there with no respect. They got their BCS game by playing a bunch of no talent patsy teams. If anyone thinks that the coaches of the BCS schools (the people with all the power) are going opt for a new system that decreases their opportunities for national championships they are wrong. No school that gets to big games playing lame teams is earning respect.

Russ Nelson said...

Bows Blow TYF

Did they even show up last night?