Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to the first installment of a weekly column entitled Thursday Thoughts. In this once-a-week article, I'll try to compile all my varied sports opinions into one concise post. If you have any suggestions about topics, manners or hairstyles, please email me at

First off: Get off JT's back! I, like dozens of other people, was in attendance last night as BYU held off the pesky Lamar Cardinals. And, like other people, I am aware of the recent fan backlash against his supposed "recklessness" on offense.

Look, I agree that JT shouldn't be shooting every single time he gets the ball. Sometimes he makes bad decisions, and it hurts the team. I don't agree, however, with those who are calling for his head and are even booing him in his own stadium. How quickly Cougar fans forget that JT is our best shooter. Period. I feel more confident when JT has the rock than anyone else (besides maybe Trent Plaisted).

Furthermore, when JT is hot again, the same fans that boo and heckle will adore him once again. Class up, BYU fans. And keep shooting, JT.

Number 2: Bronco is staying right here. Don't be concerned with recent reports that Bronco is being courted by other schools (UCLA, for example). Bronco has found the perfect situation at BYU, and his coaching philosophy won't be as successful anywhere else.

Here at BYU, Mendenhall can marry football with spirituality. He can successfully add a spiritual component to his team to both motivate and mold his players. That's how he works, in case you haven't noticed it, and if you take that ability away from him I think you weaken Mendenhall's ability to extract the best performance from his players.

I'm not saying he would be a bad coach if he were to leave BYU, but he certainly wouldn't be able to use the same methods.

Plus I know he loves it here. And what's more, the whole thing is just a rumor.

C: Don't blame Beck. John Beck hasn't exactly had the best NFL career so far. He avoided turnovers his first two starts, but ever since then the INT monster has reared its ugly head. Now, he's back on the bench and Cleo Lemon will try to help the Dolphins get their first win of the season.

Feel bad for Beck, but don't blame him for the Dolphins' woes. In fact, let's list all the reasons it's not Beck's fault:

1. He has no running game. His first three - yes THREE - running backs are out with injury. The Dolphins are starting a contest winner at RB, and that's going to put added pressure on any QB.
2. The Dolphins' best WR, Chris Chambers, was traded earlier this season.
3. The offensive line gives Beck absolutely no protection.

I'm still confident that Beck will be a successful NFL QB, but it may take a little longer than one or two seasons.

Numero quatro: It's hard not to like the Packers. It's true, I have Brett Favre on my fantasy team, but that's not the only reason I'm rooting for the green. You gotta like that guy. He's still getting it done in his later years, and he's still having a blast. He's fun to watch, dang it, and even when you're rooting against him, it's still hard not to like him.

Fifthly: Highlights from last nights BYU game. Pay special attention to Plaisted's off-the-backboard dunk, and Sweet Lee's alley-oop (it's hard to miss them - there are about fifty replays).

And finally, number six: In case you missed it, The Utah Jazz are on a five-game losing streak. Hey Jazz, wake up! There are still some people in Utah that care if you win or lose! Go play defense, stop shooting 23-footers, and finish games! Granted, I won't really care until the playoffs, but get in the game, dang it!


Becky O. said...

I like the idea of this new column. Keep it up! If Bronco were leaving the Y, I would leave too. Oh wait. I am graduating!

Trevor said...

If Bronco goes.....I go

Ross said...

JT shoots 39% from the field (3rd worst on the team)and 39% from the 3pt line (good, but Cummard is 47%).

I still say he's a chucker.

Jeris said...

Sweeeet Leee!