Thursday, December 06, 2007

Unga and Brown

Ross' comment on the post just below this one piqued my interest. What would a side-by-side comparison of Harvey Unga and Curtis Brown look like? Here goes:

Curtis Brown (Through 13 games):
Year: 2006
Carries: 201
Yards: 1,042
TD: 7
Rec: 62
Yards: 566
TD: 3
Total Offensive Yards: 1,608
Total TD: 10

Harvey Unga (Through 12 games):
Year: 2007
Carries: 227
Yards: 1.211
TD: 13
Rec: 41
Yards: 629
TD: 4
Total Offensive Yards: 1,840
Total TD: 17

Yikes. Harvey Unga is a freak of nature. Not one of us will downplay the value of BYU's all-time rushing leader Curtis Brown, but who can ignore the production of Harvey Unga? Correction: FRESHMAN Harvey Unga?

Unga is going to be a very special player. Consider this: Unga amassed all these stats in an offense whose coordinator admits is "Pass heavy." Imagine what he could do in a run-oriented offense?

Unga averages 5.3 yards a carry. Do you even know how much that is? That means, on average, Harvey Unga would get a first down on two carries every drive. Why aren't we giving this boy the ball more? Note to Max Hall in 2008: Stick the football in Harvey Unga's gut and get out of the way! This kid is going places!

As for my all-time favorite BYU running back, CB, I say this: I love you dearly, CB. You were an indispensable cog in our offensive machine last year. You blocked like a pro, you caught balls better than most receivers, and you were a heckuva running back. You deserve to be BYU's all-time rushing leader, and you deserve to be playing in the NFL.

Also, CB, enjoy the all-time rushing title while you have it, because I'm guessing in 2010 (or maybe earlier) a boy named Unga will be hot on your tail.


The Passionate Cougar said...

I know you're probably being facetious, but I don't want Harvey to run all the time. The best offense is one that passes really well AND runs really well. Think of USC, which had a Heisman-winning quarterback one year (Matt Leinart), then a Heisman-winning running back (Reggie Bush) the next. BYU has the capability to be very much like that next year, as Unga continues to amaze, Vakapuna returns completely to form, and Hall tops an incredible-for-a-sophomore first year. It warms my heart to think of the possibilities. I anticipate that the Cougars will have a Top Ten ranking by the end of next year.

Russ Nelson said...

Great article. I'm so excited to see what the future for Mr. Unga will hold.
I don't fully agree with "the passionate cougar". I don't believe Vakapuna is much of a force. I hope that next year he learns how to block cause Unga and DeLuigi will be our main runners. It will be good to quick shifty runner to mix things up.

Trevor said...

Curtis Brown works for Key Bank and came into my office the other day. He told us he called John Beck after all of Miami's RBs got hurt and jokingly told him he'd be ready to suit up. CB may have been joking, but I think the Dolphins would be wise to pick him.

Trevor said...

On another note......

You didn't compare their looks. I'd have to give the edge to CB in that department.