Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bad News! We're not as good as we thought...

This is why I don't write after losses. I get all pouty like a pre-teen girl.

BYU missed a golden opportunity to get a solid road win tonight by losing to Wake Forest 79-62. I didn't see the game, along with everyone else west of North Carolina, but it didn't sound pretty. I can always tell when BYU loses: Greg Wrubell just doesn't have the same spring in his voice.

If there's one thing that has been consistent the past few years, it's this: BYU's inability to win on the road. It has plagued us for years now, and it always drives me crazy.

And it always leads me to ask this question: Why can't BYU ever give me a nice solid win? (Louisville is the exception- and wouldn't you know it? They're not even that good). Why can't we go into a big ballin' town like Wake Forest and pull out a win? Why can't the football team walk into Boston College and rip some faces off? Why Why Why???

You know, we BYU fans keep clamoring for national respect. Well guess how you earn national respect?


BYU needs to stop letting the UCLAs and Wake Forests of the world dominate them. Every time they do, they remind us that BYU is right where they belong- down there with Colorado State and the rest of the MWC rejects.

And do you want to know the worst thing? That was our last chance. Now all we have left is MWC games, which we'll probably dominate. And then the NCAA tournament where we'll probably...

I'm not going to finish that sentence. Hope lingers.

See? I don't take losses well.


Brett Zobell said...

I say we schedule these teams as home games. We need the home crowd behind the cougars. I would rather see a big win than a 40 game home winning streak. The streak means nothing if we play teams like SUU or Jackson State.

Ross said...

After going 1 of 4 against big-time teams, I'm realizing that the win over UL was a fluke. We simply do not have the talent and athleticism to go into an ACC school and win. And I don't know if Plaisted is any better than last year. He was SHUT DOWN last night.

Mitt lost. The Cougs lost. Bad news from the East Coast for the White and Blue.