Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I heard it myself: Cougs win!

It’s a good night to be a right-wing conservative BYU fan. After a very nice performance by Mitt Romney in the California GOP debate, the BYU men’s basketball team came out and put a hurt on Air Force in the Cadets’ beloved Clune Arena. The final score: 69-53.

It was perhaps the best game I’ve ever listened to.

That’s right, I couldn’t watch my beloved Cougars on the telly. I was forced to sit on my bed and stare at my beat up little alarm clock/radio like an animal. No disrespect to Greg Wrubell, the voice of the BYU Cougars whom I love and envy, I hate listening to games. I just feel so… helpless.

…as opposed to TV where I truly do make a difference. (Although my wife will disagree… and usually just tell me to stop yelling ).

I did enjoy the chance I had to clean my shoes while listening to the game, though, I must say. Multi-tasking has always been a passion of mine.

Anyhow, what a game! The Clune Arena is never an easy place to play, and actually I have to give Mr. Wrubell some credit for giving me this little stat: BYU hasn’t won at AFA two consecutive times since ’95 and ’96. Well, they did it again tonight… and, you know, last year.

All you JT doubters out there will be disappointed to learn that JT had another huge night. He especially came up big in the second half, and hit some big shots to quell the pesky Falcons whenever they made a run. Welp, I guess Tavernari is good after all. Dang! What are we going to complain about now?!

(JT—I know you’re a loyal reader, and I hope you can detect the sarcasm. I’ve always been a fan.)

Cummard sounded good too. Honestly, when I first saw Cummard in 2005 I never thought he would turn into Mr. Everything and Mr. Reliable at the same time. Cummard, I salute you. Also, I hereby finally submit to those who say he is the best player on our team. At last, I now concur.

Good win on the road, Cougs. And kudos to Trent Plaisted for playing with a disease-ridden Italian midget in his stomach… or so I heard.

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Russ Nelson said...

When you don't cook the disease-ridden Italian midget properly it sits in your gut like a bomb.
Next month when JT has a few good games we'll let you rub it in again Adam. Until then keep chuckin' JT!