Friday, January 11, 2008

Local Sports Writer Endorses Green Bay

PROVO-- In a much anticipated announcement earlier today, BYU student and local sports blogger Adam Olsen threw his support behind the Green Bay Packers to represent the NFL as Super Bowl champions.

"Green Bay is the team to do it," Olsen said in an official statement. "I believe the Packers represent our country's football values better than any other team in the field, and I support them 100% in their bid to become world champions."

The announcement was met with both disbelief and regret among Olsen's peers. Some say Olsen is living in a dream world, others say Green Bay is not much of a real contender.

"This is a shocking, and in many ways disappointing, move by my good friend Adam Olsen," said Ross Mitchell of Orem. "I don't understand his affinity to a team that consistently devastated his 49ers of the late Nineties."

Mitchell did not go so far as to say Olsen is a flip-flopper, but did question Olsen's recent acceptance of the Packers.

"Look, all I'm saying is Adam didn't like the Packers back in '97 when they beat up on Steve Young and the 49ers," Mitchell said. "I think Adam needs to remember his roots before making these declarations."

Olsen's long-time friend Russ Nelson had a more cynical reaction to the announcement.

"Adam is just jumping on the Brett Favre bandwagon," said Nelson, a self-proclaimed Jacksonville Jaguar fan. "He likes Favre because of his fantasy football league, that's all."

Nelson's words may in fact have an element of truth. Olsen did indeed draft Brett Favre amid a cloud of controversy back in his August '07 Fantasy Draft. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the best pickups of the league. Favre became one of the most productive quarterbacks in the '07-'08 season, and led Olsen's team to an 12-3 finish before being benched in week 16 for Jacksonville's David Garrard.

Olsen said his choice for the Packers as a whole, however, was for many more reasons than just Favre. He admitted the Packers are young, but said he likes the raw talent displayed during the regular season.

"Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant- these are good players," Olsen said. "Combine them with Brett Favre, who is playing out of his mind, and this is a team that will go deep into the playoffs and, I believe, win the Super Bowl."

Olsen supports the Packers despite repeated claims that the New England Patriots may be the best team ever to play in the NFL, and most people's pick to win this year's Super Bowl.

Olsen has successfully picked the last 2 Super Bowl winners: the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006, and last year's Indianapolis Colts.


provoprguy said...

Whoa...uncanny! I used to HATE those late 90's Green Bay teams for the same reason! Good thing in 98 (I think it was 98...?) TO finally decided to not drop a ball, and caught that TD between like 3 defenders. Oh, and a hat tip to the refs, because if I recall correctly there was a Jerry Rice fumble that they ruled incomplete.

Justin said...

Olsen, your string of super bowl picks just came to an end. I may have a smidgen of respect for Favre, but i will NEVER pull for the puke green and yellow. I expected more from you.

Russ Nelson said...

I will never agree with you Justin. I also am pulling for the Pack. I've been watching them closely cause I also have Mr. Favre as my fantasy football qb, and made a switch to Brian Grant midway through the season. I'm a fan!!! I still think Adam is a bandwagon bum though.