Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thoughts: 1/3/2008

Happy New Year from all of us at Adam's Sports Blog! All the best to you and yours at the beginning of a glorious new year.

Loyal readers will quickly note that I didn't post a "Thursday Thoughts" last week, and for that I apologize. I can't afford to miss a week, especially with such a young column, but Christmastime called, and I had to answer. But here I am, ready to make amends, with a fresh batch of thoughts for the new year.

1. Think Hawai'i has a chance in 2008? I think the 'Bows did everyone in America a disservice by accepting an invitation to play in the Sugar Bowl. First of all, the general fans of college football were treated to a miserably lopsided Georgia win, Hawai'i fans were totally embarrassed, and Georgia fans were treated to a pitiful little football team after having an argument to play in the national championship. Real good, Hawai'i. Thanks to you and your rag-tag bunch of dirtmongers you call a team, any non-BCS team will have that much harder a time getting into a big bowl game. Rainbows. Psssh.

2. I witnessed first-hand why the Jazz aren't living up to expectations so far this year: defense. The Jazz don't do it. I was in attendance during the Utah Jazz/Boston Celtics game, and we would have won the game if we played defense, instead of losing a close one. Ray Allen went off (surprise), and Kevin Garnett had a hey day. And Mehmet Okur watched it all from somewhere behind the three point line with a slightly confused look on his face.

3. Jazz big three: Paul Millsap, Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Miles. These guys are scrappy, and they add toughness, quickness and shooting to the jazz bench.

4. Jazz low three: Mehmet Okur, Jaron Collins and Gordan Giricek. Technically Gira isn't on the Jazz anymore, but his horrid play still needs to be mentioned as a contribution to the Jazz' current slump. And Okur- talk about a lazy player. Yeesh. Hey Memo, just try to play somewhere on the court beside the three point line. See if you like it.

5. BYU football 2007 MVP: Austin Collie. It's no secret that AC is my favorite player on BYU's team right now. Austin Collie is a big-time player, and he will have a couple of huge years as he moves through the BYU program. He was just a shade under 1,000 yards this year, and that is a feat that hasn't been duplicated since Todd Watkins broke 1,000 during the pass-happy Gary Crowton years when he was the primary target. Now Collie plays in a spread offense, where the ball is distributed to a host of receivers, and he has distinguished himself as the go-to guy. Not only that, but he did it after serving an honorable 2-year LDS mission. Collie is the man, and I hope to heck that he doesn't leave us early. Runners-up: Max Hall, Harvey Unga and Jan Jorgenson

6. BYU had plenty of unsung heroes on the football team this year, but I'd like to give special mention to one in particular: Corby Hodgkiss. Corby, if you'll remember, stepped in to replace David Tafuna, who was injured during fall camp. Tafuna was set to replace Dustin Gabriel, who was also injured during fall camp. Essentially, Hodgkiss was our third string KAT (strong) safety. Did anyone notice a drop-off in talent? Anyone? Actually, the opposite is true. Corby has not only been a solid defender, he turned into the playmaker on defense. He recorded multiple interceptions, multiple would-be interceptions, tough tackling and at least one pick-six. By the way- Hodgkiss also suffers from a very serious form of diabetes. Heckuva guy.

7. Remember Matangi Tonga? He played in 2006, but missed 2007 because he was dismissed from the football team for breaking team rules. He was an incredible player, and started as a freshman on the D-line. Well, my sources say he's back at BYU now, and is ready to wreak havoc on the D-line in 2008. Welcome back, Manase's little brother!

And finally, 8. I don't really care about the Rose bowl this year. Sorry.

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