Friday, February 29, 2008

3-1: Sloths! Game 4 Recap

“Don’t call it if you don’t see it, ref!”

Those were the words that got me my first technical foul in my 4-year intramural history. They came after a heated disagreement over a supposed blocking foul called on yours truly under the paint.

At that crucial juncture, team Sloths! Could have gone one of two ways: We could have let the two free throws (in addition to the free throws given to the guy I fouled) pin us down and break our legs, or we could use that horrible call to light an emotional fire and smite our enemies.

We chose the latter path, and won 48-45.

It was a solid win. Not like last week, when we played a bunch of mouth breathers and pudgy kids.

No, the team we played today was probably the best team we faced all season. It included gym rats, varsity big men, skinny ballers and even one fellow Timpanogos High School Timberwolf who has a basketball gym IN HIS HOUSE (Micah Lisonbee, for all you THS alumni out there).

I quote Jeris Hobbs during the pre-game conference: “I think we’re going to lose.”

The cards were certainly stacked against us, but I guess we taught this world a little lesson: Never count out the Sloths!.

We fell behind 0-4 quickly, but then we turned it on, took the lead and never looked back.

The star of the game was definitely Blake Lloyd, whose back-to-back threes, along with a big shot from distance by Andrew Law, sparked us to a lead we never relinquished. Lloyd was a force from the arc, and deadly down low.

My player of the game, however, goes to Jeris Hobbs. While Jeris didn’t show up on the score sheet, he certainly did his part in this win. He pulled down boards from every corner of the court. Seriously, he was everywhere. Jeris even swatted the aforementioned Lisonbee right in front of his wife and rowdy friends. He was called for a foul, but Micah knew deep down it was clean. We all knew it too. Good work, Hobbs.

I’ll go ahead and give myself the “Russ Nelson” award for getting 4 fouls in the first half (including the tech), and then zero in the second.

Russ also had an excellent game, by the way. In fact, we all played really well. Especially defensively.

I’m proud of you guys tonight. You earned these orange slices.


Justin said...

Seriously a great win. Sorry about not contributing much as far as stats go. After jacking up tow early threes that almost went in, but didn't, I decided tonight wasn't my night to shot the long ball. Play of the game definitely was Jeris' block that would make most men take off there gym shoes and leave the court never to return out of shame. Good job Jeris.

Russ Nelson said...

I think that was the funnest intermural game that I have ever played in.
Hobbs got game fo sho!

J. Andrew said...

I too was pleased with the victory. I would also like to give "props" to Adam for picking up 4 fouls in the first half and not getting a single one in the second half. Tremendous control.

Trevor said...

Looks like team Sloths! may get bumped up to the next division for the playoffs.

Team Sloths! vs. Rip City???? I've seen crazier things in my day.

Ross said...

Sloths! can freakin' ball! Thank goodness for Lloyd, adding a hot, hot start off the bench. The threes were raining!

Elders said...

That was a sweet game and by far the funnest to play in. I don't know if I deserve player of the game, but I'll take it. I thought everyone put in the extra effort that pushed us over the top. I still stand by whatever I said to begin that game.

Elders said...

Oh by the way I'm the EQ weekly emailer. I was just doing my job tonight. I forget just about every dang week and this week I did it at 11 at night. Not impressing anyone upstairs with this calling so far.

Micah said...

Dude, whether it was a foul or not doesn't matter... it turns out the ref called the foul on the spandex pants, not the person actually inside of them.