Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Huge Win, and a Huge Post

I have a few thoughts about the game last night, and I’m going to use bullets to organize my thoughts. Those who are offended by bullets better just wait for another post in my traditional paragraph style.

*I can’t remember feeling so elated about a win that wasn’t against the Utes. When the final horn sounded and the score read “BYU 70, UNM 69” I was ecstatic. In fact I gave Justin the hardest high five I’ve given in a long, long time. Seriously. My hand was red for a good 20 minutes after the game. But was the pain worth it? You bet it was.

*Was the end of the game controversial? Sure it was. But I have news for every sports fan in the history of the world: The ending to EVERY close game is controversial. Especially if your team loses. My advice to Lobo fans? Stop dwelling on it. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

*Am I starting to pick up the habit of asking ask my own questions and answering them? Yeah. Does it bother me? A little bit.

*Speaking of the controversial ending, don’t be mad at the referees for not calling a foul at the end of the game. Be mad at your coach for his technical foul that gave us two free points. Get mad at J.R. Giddens for missing like 25 free throws (3 straight, at one point). Be mad at Ferris and the other kid that fouled out of the game, but don’t be mad at the referees.

*More on the no-call. I have news for the sports-illiterate: Fouls that aren’t called by referees don’t exist. They aren’t fouls. And believe it or not, there are dozens of these little no-calls throughout the game. Just because one happens at the end of the game doesn’t mean it should be overturned. In order for the referees to overturn the no-call, even if they see something in the replays, they would have to go through the entire tape of the whole game and call every foul they see that didn’t get called in the game. In other words, crap happens. Get used to it.

*New Mexico fans have absolutely no class. From their “Bull S***” chant to their pictures of Trent Plaisted’s mug shot, they truly sunk to a new low in the MWC. Of course, I have to admit they lived up to every stereotype I’ve ever had about the state of New Mexico and the people who live there. (Megan and Justin being the exceptions. Well… Megan, at least).

*Dave Rose OWNS The Pit. Dave Rose has never lost in that hell-hole, and that is a sweet sweet thing. By the way: I love Dave Rose.

*I also love Trent Plaisted. What a sweet way to win that game: One of the worst free throw shooters on the team, and in the conference, sinks two straight to give us the final lead. What a sweet “stick it” to not only the New Mexico fans, but the BYU fans who always seem to be so critical of our lovable big man. Newsflash: Trent Plaisted is a big time player, and he proved it with his clutch free throws last night.

That’s about it. I’m sorry it’s so long. I know a lot of you aren’t used to reading so many words at one time, but last night was really a hallmark win for our BYU Cougars. I couldn’t let it go without unpeeling my brain banana and putting it on the blog.

Next up: Three straight wins over Air Force, Wyoming and TCU, and on to the MWC championship!


J. Andrew said...
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J. Andrew said...

New Mexico was robbed. Trent "the guillotine" Plaistead got lucky (53% from the line) and hit two clutch shots. He then hit (read: nearly decapitated) an unsuspecting UNM player who should have gone to the line for 2 to win the game.

Russ Nelson said...

Trent Plaisted. You go Trent Plaisted!

Ross said...

Sometimes "magic" includes hitting your opponent in the face and not getting a foul called on you.

Looks like Trent's livin' right on AND off the court!

jonathan said...

Nice post Adam. I read this while sitting on a call with someone in french Canada... it was rough, and you made it much more bearable.

I agree, UNM fans didn't show a lot of class with the Plaisted taunting, just like Utah fans on Wednesday.

Jeris said...

Nice Adam way to verbalize everything I have been thinking since Tuesday night.

Trevor said...

I hate the Blowbos.