Friday, February 08, 2008

Sloths! Can't Hold Onto Win... Or Ball

I admit, I take intramural sports seriously. My preparation starts hours and hours before game time. I wake up, eat a good breakfast, drink upwards of 100 oz. of water during the day and eat plenty of energy-rich foods (beef ramen, Taco Bell, etc.).

Before our last game on Wednesday night, I even had a pre-game shootaround with Jeris. I should have taken the fact that he beat me at horse to be an evil omen...

Anyway, it goes without saying that I look forward to intramrual games with giddyness and glee. I can hardly stand the anticipation, and games are the culmination of weeks of preparation.

So when we lose, like we lost on Wednesday night, I get a little upset.

My wife knows it. She tries to stay out of my wake after we lose, but admittedly, I'm not good company.

This last loss, however, was particularly difficult. I'm disappointed in myself, mostly, for not fighting like I should have for loose rebounds. But then again, I'm plenty disappointed in my team for dribbling with their eyes closed, throwing passes right into the hands of our enemies, and missing dozens and dozens of layups (You know who you are, guys...)

It's true, I didn't get my desired 40+ touches a game, and if I had maybe the outcome would have been different, but my teammates made certain decisions, and I stand by that.

I do know this, though, the Sloths! were humbled. It was not a pretty loss, and we all feel it deep down inside. If we can take one consolation, though, we learned a lot about ourselves. I think we'll bounce back with gusto, and frankly, I'd hate to be the rest of the teams on our schedule.

As for the cruddy, pimply-faced team we played on Wednesday night, we'll see you in the tournament you warthog-faced buffoons.

Player of the game: Russ Nelson. Russ made an early three pointer... and then fouled out with 11 minutes left in the game. He also was one profanity away from getting a red card. Russ, you earned it.

Most disappointing part of the loss: Our 50+ turnovers- especially against the full court press.

Best stat of the night: Blake Lloyd - Something like 18-20 from the FT line.

Play of the game: Jeff Hill grabs an offensive board late in the game and puts back a tough jumper to give us some breathing room. Unfortunately, the other team scored like 10 unanswered points at the end of the game, and we lost.

Next up: Saturday, Feb 16 in the Smith Fieldhouse (aka: the house that Sloths! built)


Russ Nelson said...

I am holding myself personally responsible for this one fellow sloths. Next week you'll see a new man out there, Russ Nelson 3.0.
Buckle Up!!!

Trevor said...

What time is the game?