Thursday, March 06, 2008

MWC Champs!

Last night's win over the Wyoming Cowboys completed a season-long journey to a second consecutive outright MWC championship.

For those of you who don't understand the significance of this event, the last time we won two outright conference championships back-to-back was during the Coolidge administration. The conference was called the Intercontinental Basketball Gentleman's Conference, and it included Brigham Young Academy, John Stamos Memorial College, Tufts Grammar Institute and St. Martha's University of Hope and Charity.

But we did it again here in the modern era last night in dominating fashion.

A special kudos to Sam Burgess, Ben Murdock and Vuk Ivanovic - our seniors who have played their last game at the Marriott Center. Burgess and Murdock will be missed, and Ivanovic... well... Ivanovic has a nice smile.

We'll sure miss you guys. I know I will. Sam, you're as tough as nails. You can make the granite stones of A.F. Canyon weep for mercy. Ben, your boyish good looks and ability to not screw up was invaluable to our team, and will not easily be duplicated. Vuk, I hear you can speak Serbian. Being bilingual is a must in today's expanding marketplace.

Good work, Cougs. It was a great win last night over a team I never expected to lose to. Now do us all a favor and beat down TCU. The more wins we can rack up, the better it will be for our seeding in the NCAA tournament.

Other quick notes:
  • How in this great earth does a guy like Brandon Ewing, a quick and speedy sharpshooter from Chicago Illinois, end up in Laramie Wyoming? I've been to Laramie; it is America's compost heap. What can Wyoming offer a guy like Ewing? Or Brad Jones? I don't get it. There's got to be some backdoor shenanigans going on during those recruiting trips.
  • Special shout out to my dad who braved the roaring crowds of the Marriott Center even though he's battling a nasty flu. Dad, your dedication will be rewarded.
  • My contempt for Wyoming teams is waning; I like their coaches too much. Heath Schroyer is a former BYU guy, and you've got to love him for that, and Joe Glenn is just a good old boy. You'd have to have a steel-wool heart to hate Joe Glenn. Maybe the BYU/Wyoming rivalry is dead. Maybe Utah has taken our place as the most loathsome in the hearts of the Cowboy nation.


Becky O. said...

Last night's game was great. I too, am sad to see Burgess and Murdock leave but the Cougs will be fine. It is weird to think that the next BYU game we attend will be as a graduated students.

I agree with you about recruiting to WY. Why would anyone want to go there?!

Also, isn't that picture from your cell phone when you were at the basketball office?

Trevor said...

Adam & Becky, just so you know.......just because you graduate doesn't mean you have to cut back on your witty insults or sophomoric antics. Keep the immaturity alive. That's my motto.

Becky O. said...

I know one of us won't have a problem with that...

Josh said...

Adam, did BYU share the title with someone in either '78-79 or '79-80? I know BYU was WAC champion in b-ball those two years, but I couldn't find a source anywhere that showed if they shared the title or won both outright.

It seems the WAC website has conveniently erased its past glory from memory...

Jeris said...

A little know fact about myself. I was recruited to be a yell leader for the pokes. Let it suffice to say, you don't want to know what happeneds behind closed doors in Laramie.

billy said...

Thanks for the comment! Swap me a link!