Friday, March 21, 2008

The Sky is Falling

Sometimes it sucks being a BYU fan.

It sucks because every once in a while you are able to see the reality of the college sports world, and BYU simply isn't a part of it.

Ever seen The Matrix? It's like when Neo takes the red pill and it shocks his system enough to wake him up and see things as they really are. Occasionally, as a BYU fan, I too get a chance to wake up in my cell filled with translucent goo, pull the power cords out of the back of my head and see the real world for what it really is.

It usually comes after losses like the BYU basketball team suffered last night, and it's not pretty. It's a dark place.

I'm in that dark place right now, and I don't know when I'll come out the other side again. I feel like I can see BYU for what it really is, and where it really belongs in the world of NCAA sports.

Here's the reality: BYU has a mediocre athletics program in a mediocre conference that gets absolutely no national exposure. We are successful as long as we play the teams within our own conference, but the minute we leave that bubble we are vulnerable like a little pink newborn baby.

We can't recruit good athletes, because our Honor Code scares them away.

We can't even get the best LDS athletes, because the lure of playing at a big-name school is too tempting.

So what does that leave us with? Overachieving, but under talented, LDS kids. Tough kids, but unable make any significant waves on the national level.

We've got great coaches, but like the players the best coaches won't ever come to BYU. Too many restrictions, too little money, not enough prestige, etc.

In short, we're on the outside. The NCAA is throwing a party, and we're at home playing World of Warcraft. If the NCAA were a high school, USC would be the captain of the football team, Ohio State would be the Student Body President, and BYU would be the goth kid who spends his time playing Magic: The Gathering in the science lab during lunch.

Utah would probably be the school slut.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is it sucks knowing that the school I love so much will never be able to make any waves on a national level. We'll get close, like to, say the Las Vegas Bowl, or the first round of the NCAA tournament, but anything more is out of the question. The minute we're asked to play a team that isn't named Colorado State or New Mexico, we'll always be the underdog.

And not the cool cartoon hero Underdog of my youth; the underdog that gets trampled and embarrassed on national TV.

Like I said, sometimes it sucks being a BYU fan.


Ross said...

In the high school setting, BYU would be the seminary president that doesn't like sports or loud music. SDSU would be the goth.

I just don't get how BYU did it back in the 80s. Whas the competition just not as strong?

Dashagua said...

It only sucks being a BYU basketball fan, where we haven't won a single NCAA tournament game in nearly 2 decades. But I don't mind being a BYU football fan.

Trevor said...

Ugh, I'm down in the dumps about it too. Our players get outplayed, our coaches get outcoached, and our boosters get outspent. I say we talk to Steve Young/Mitt Romney/anyone else really rich and see if we can pay some high school All-Americans to come play for us.

I think BYU got more national respect back in the 80's for some reason. Our football team did really well consistently for a long time, but even back then, our bowl record sucked. I just think we have to move to a bigger conference if we ever want to really matter. Pac-10 or Big 12. We'd recruit better kids and coaches, and we'd get to play the best people consistently. You expect to beat the top dog on the playground at the end of recess just because you beat up on the retarded kid at the beginning. It's tough to take your game from a level 4 to a level 8 in one game.

Fact is, we blew that game. We played tight and choked down the stretch. We have become the Boston Red Sox of college athletics. Except for all the bandwagon female fans wearing their pink team gear. Oh wait, we have that too.

BYU'd out.

Evan said...

I cannot relate to your frustrations. I am an Oregon St. fan. You want to talk about BBall depression, yeah 0-18 in conf. this year. Hang in there, your dedication to your team is what is admired, more than those band-wagon-ers that jump on with the Ohio State's, Florida's, USC's of the world. Those are the people that really should be depressed.

Trevor said...

Part of me would rather go 0-18 than dominate the conference only to get bounced in the first round of the tourney. But then again, 0-18 really sucks.

Evan said...

Typo on my previous comment, it should say "I can relate" not I cannot.

Mike said...

Evan has a good point. I mean are we the Cougar Crazies or what? We had glory days back then but who is to say we can't have them again? Bronco is the man. I know, you know it, everybody knows it. He is bringing back the glory. As for basketball, unless we can get Danny Ainge a few more years of eligibility or get Michael Lloyd some new shoes we are gonna need some divine intervention.