Monday, March 10, 2008

UNLV's Tournament

Answer: Barack Obama, Mission: Impossible 2, Omarosa from Celebrity Apprentice, and the MWC Championship Tournament.

Question: What subjects will spark Adam into a white hot rage?

It happens every year, and yet I am powerless to stop it. The inevitable and overpowering anger that accompanies the MWC tournament has housed itself in my brain yet again.

What's worse, the more I stew about it the more pickled I become. That's right, pickled.

Here BYU is, the MWC regular season champs by a full TWO GAMES, and yet we are relegated to playing the championship tournament on someone else's home court like a sideshow clown. If this is a joke then I'm not laughing.

Yes, we're the number one seed. And yes, we will be considered the "home" team for all of our tournament games. But what good will a white jersey do against 12,000 screaming UNLV fans?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the MWC tournament, let me give you a brief history. Since 1999, the inception of the MWC, the MWC Men's Basketball tournament has been held in Las Vegas, then in Denver for a brief period, then back to Vegas. The reason Sin City is the venue of choice? 1. Wyoming fans like the pretty lights, 2. Utah fans like to gamble, and 3. TCU doesn't care.

Oh by the way- EVERY time the tournament has been in Vegas, UNLV has made it to the finals. Coincidence? Hardly.

Hey, I'm all for Las Vegas. Nothing makes me happier than a 4X4, animal style. But come on MWC people- do we really need to play at the Thomas & Mack Center - UNLV's home court? Is there no other basketball venue in the entire city?

It's an outrage, frankly, and I demand the tournament be moved to a neutral site. MWC Officials, I await your reply.


Lesley said...

Someone needed to blog about the insanity.

Trevor said...

How many tournament championships do you think we'd have if the games were at the Marriott Center? I'd say at least 84.

Ross said...

This was a great line: "The reason Sin City is the venue of choice? 1. Wyoming fans like the pretty lights, 2. Utah fans like to gamble, and 3. TCU doesn't care."

Barack makes you more mad than Clinton?

Jeris said...

Might I suggest the Wymount Cage as a perfect place to hold the MWC Tournament next year. Consider it MWC, that is all I ask.

oh ps what is with this Word Verification crap it is really making me mad.

J. Andrew said...

AO - I hope that this blog will report the bad along with the good of BYU sports. Check this out:,5143,695260767,00.html

Apparently some fans were TOO invested.

Becky said...

Will Oma go Homa?

This is so unfair! I still can't believe that the tourney is on their home court!