Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deja Vu

Here we are again, on the cusp of a new round of NBA Playoffs. An exciting time, sure. The thing is, though, I feel like I'm exactly where I was one year ago.

The Jazz are the No. 4 seed in the West, playing the Houston Rockets in the first round. Just like last year. And we don't even have home court advantage. Just like last year.

I love the Jazz, but I hate them for not progressing. They had the perfect chance to jump to the No. 3 seed, or at least secure home court advantage as the 4 seed, but no. They had to blow too many winnable games. Not the least of which was Tuesday's game against the Spurs, in which the Jazz apparently were too aflutter thinking about the previous night's jaunt on the river walk to show up to the game.

The loss was big. Not only did it knock us down to the 4 seed, but now we have an all too difficult path to the NBA Championship. We have to beat a dangerous Houston team on the road, then we'll have to beat up on the Lakers. Then we'll probably have to go beat San Antonio.

In short, it's going to be a tough Playoff season.

Oh we'll still win the championship, but I guess it'll just take a little more Rocky Mountain Magic this year.

It could be worse, though. We could be watching the games from home.

The forlorn, but always hopeful, Portland Trailblazers


Trevor said...

Low blow my man, low blow. Still mad from the Blazer fans ripping on your boy Karl "The Mailman always delivers except when the game is on the line and I have big free throws to make" Malone? Yes, the Blazers are at home, and that hits too close to home, but they will be in the playoffs next year, and they will continue to own the Jazz next year.

P.S. I'm glad we didn't do that one bet. Otherwise I'd be headless from neck to toe right now.

Mike said...

I had a great comment all typed out, it showed the dates the Blazers played the Jazz and the outcomes. Then I made a hopeful comment about how things are looking up in Rip City. Then when I submitted google gave me an error. I guess I'll save my smack talk for later, maybe when we are in the playoffs.

Ross said...

Mike the "computer genious" get's screwed over by a google error. Today is the day pigs fly.

It'll be one and done for the Jazz. As soon as they lose in the first round, I'll be back to rooting for the good 'ol Pistons.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

You know I last year living in Salt Lake City I became a Jazz fan. Let me tell you guys, the only way to watch a game is to do it at the ESA. No, not inside. The best place to watch the game is on the huge jumbo screen outside. I say we all get together with some lawn chairs and go down to a game. It is a great night AND you get to watch the game.

Lesley said...

We deserve that. Great post.

Evan said...

Ouch is right. I know its a wusy way out but Trev is right, next year. Hopefully we can get a couple of nice picks at the end of June and get the man child back at full power. Good luck in the playoffs Jazz. Anyone but SA or LA. How can you not love Okur? Modern day Sabas but not quite as good.