Monday, April 21, 2008

I take it all back

Okay, admittedly I was a little upset when I found out the Jazz were once again the No. 4 seed in the west playing the Rockets in the first round. It signaled to me a lack of progression as a team.

I'd like now to take the opportunity to take it all back.

Watching the Jazz tonight, I am forced to admit this is not the same team as last year.

For one thing, we are tough as nails. The Jazz are big, and they're bruisers. Almost Bald-Bullish, if you will. We literally beat up the Rockets over these last two games. I'm surprised they haven't had to stop the game to wipe up Shane Battier's blood and tears. And if you don't believe me, just watch Matt Harpring use those cow catchers he calls arms to clear the lane. The guy is dense.

Another difference I see this year is the Jazz have become like my buddy Jeris when he gets home from Ideal Image Salon: Smooth. Guys like Kyle Korver, Ronny Price and Deron Williams have given the Jazz a completely new weapon: The outside shot. Last year Mehmet Okur was our best threat from behind the arc. This year we have a veritable cache of three-ball shooters. Even Kirilenko is getting in on the fun, for crying out loud. You go, Andre.

And that leads me to my final point. Andre Kirilenko is actually contributing to the team this year. Rather than steal the show with his crybaby antics, AK-47 is playing like the guy we all want to see. He's playing great defense, he's pulling down boards, he's cleaning up on offense and he even grabs some blocks. AK, we love you so much when you bring your A-game.

So in conclusion, this isn't Deja Vu all over again. The Jazz are looking like champions, and we will win that ever-elusive golden statue soon. Maybe not this year, but soon.


Evan said...

I actually agree. I have watched both Jazz games and have been impressed. D-Williams is the man. And you are exactly right with AK-47 actually playing this year. Even though they had a cake walk to the Western Conference Finals last year (GSW) I actually like there chances better this year. And yes I realize that means knocking off the favorite pick (LA). Charles Barkley, you and I may be the only ones making that pick. They will be well rested after this sweep ready to take out LA (if they don't have Bynum).

Trevor said...

I agree with you on everything except for Korver. He is the most overrated Jazz player on the team. Fans are in LOVE with him, thinking he's this team's Jeff Hornacek. He's not. He's a streaky shooter, and poor defender. He's not a bad player, but it's just been bugging me how much Jazz fans love this guy because he had one game where he hit 5 threes and then another 28 games where he went 1 for 4. Just had to get that off my chest. Note to Jazz fans, Korver isn't that good. He doesn't even start for crying out loud.

Other than that, the Jazz are looking good. Anything less than a sweep at this point is a let down. Can they beat the Lakers? I think so. They've got a better shot than anyone else. And as much as I hated the Stockton and Malone era so it pains me to say this......this team is very likable. From D-Will to Boozer to Millsap to J-Slo to that bald fat trainer......they're a likable bunch of guys.

Go Jazz! (Until next year when the Blazers are back in it)

Russ Nelson said...

Go Jazz!!

We are looking great! It is good to see everyone contribute and play like they want to win. Our bench looks great (how about Ronny Price??), we are more physical, and we play with the attitude that we won't lose.

I expect the sweep, and am getting excited see what the Lakers will bring. I hope that the Thug Nugs can beat up on them so they are tired and injured when they come to ESA.

This may be a little hasty but I say Jazz in 6 over the Lakers.

Adam said...

I don't like commenting on my own blog, but I have to point out to Trevor that Korver played some great defense last night.

He is a little spotty on D usually, I'll give you that, but last night he was tough. And you've got to give him props for that one handed swish at the end of the game. Even if that was his only field goal.

Ross said...

Yeah, you've got to give props to Korver for recovering so nicely off that side-of-the-backboard banger. He jumped right back into the thick of things and with a fantastic one-hander.

How about the ESPN article saying T-Mac was "tired." You play 80 freaking games in a season, and your fourth-quarter performance sucks in the playoffs because you're "tired?"

Andy & Jessica said...

Korver's value is underestimated. Last year teams didn't really guard the wings when playing the Jazz and now they are forced to blanket Korver. Because, like in game 1, he can nail two threes in a row and blow the game open. But his biggest contribution is that he is the Jazz's closer. He shoots over 90% from the line, so the Jazz are that much tougher to catch at the end of the game (just inbound it to Korver).

The Jazz right now have that look in their eyes right now. Go Jazz!

Trevor said...

I will definitely agree with Korver being the Jazz closer at the free throw line. There is a lot of value there. And like I said, I don't think Korver is bad, I just think Joe Jazz fan overrates his ability and impact on the team. That's all. If they treated him like the role player he is, I'd be fine with that. It's just the overrating that bugs me.

megship said...

Adam, I just wanted to congratulate you on graduating. Sorry we couldn't be there. If I was able to peel my post pregnant huge bum off the couch I would have been there in a heart beat but I am barely conscious these days so sorry! I am sure it went well.