Friday, May 02, 2008

Game 6

...or in other words, the end of the road for Tracy McGrady and the Rockets. 

I predict a blowout tonight. The Jazz are bringing their game back to ESA, and after Game 5's humiliation they will be looking for blood in front of a sold out wild-'n-crazy Mormon crowd, who no doubt has been smiling politely, living right and saving up all their viciousness for the Playoffs. 

(Read this article if you want to know what I'm talking about.)

Look for Carlos Boozer to put up 30+, look for Matt Harpring to knee someone in the crotch, and look for that crazy doctor guy to spray mace in Shane Battier's face. 

Also, look for me to be in bed. Stupid Eastern Time Zone.

Jazz 103, Rockets 89

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Brett Zobell said...

Come on Adam, you're on the east coast now and you have to adjust to the east coast life. The night life starts at 10 and doesn't end until at least 2. When in Rome.