Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today we say goodbye

America, it seems, is not ready for the cherubic innocence and playful laughter of sweet little boys.

On the same night David Archuleta sang his last song before being eliminated from American Idol, Adam's Sports Blog's own little crooner, Justin Lee, was eliminated from America's Next Top Obscure Guest Author. Today ANTOGA marches on, but it will do so without the pure-minded boy from New Mexico.

If you would like to read more from Justin, visit his blog: The Casual Outdoorsman.

Now we are left with two. Two colossal competitors who will do anything it takes to win. Two people - one lady and one fellow - are left to look each other square in the eye, waiting for the other to blink. Two people will walk the thorny path of ANTOGA, and only one will survive the journey.

Who are these two warriors?

The competition will proceed thusly: I have contacted the finalists, and they have been asked to prepare one short essay (100 words or less) to post on this blog as a sample of what they can contribute to the ASB community. When I receive their writings I will post them, and then the final round will officially begin.

When the voting stops, the winner's revelry begins. In addition to being a guest contributor to Adam's Sports Blog, remember, the winner will receive a candy bar and soda of his/her choice.

We've had our fun, now let's get nasty!


Rock said...

It was my idea to have the finalist post a short essay. You should have cited me.

But the essays won't matter; that picture of Jeris pretty much secures my vote.

Brett Zobell said...

I don't know who to vote for. Becky has been a long-time friend, but I have seen Jeris naked (Sorry Suzanna). For me it's going to come down to the essay.

Justin said...

Rock you are wrong. Becky already won this contest. With her, (clearing my throat), relationship to Adam along with her fellow bloggers out there in bloggerland, Jeris stand no chance.

I concede defeat and go off to my lonely corner of blogoshpere to write about whatever the hell I want.

Evan said...

Glad to see my wife wasn't the only one that blogs for american idol.

Trevor said...

I haven't seen Jeris naked. But his brother has seen me naked (the first time he met me)......therefore, Jeris will most likely receive my vote.

Also because I know he has absolutely no chance of beating Becky. She just wants it too bad, has too many blogger supporters, and has far superior grammar for the essay. So Jeris is basically getting my pity vote. Good luck little buddy.

Becky said...

brett, don't you remember the night you caugt me (emmm) changing out of my cheer uniform outside Saffords? That should count for something...and secure your vote, right?

Russ Nelson said...

Looks like Becky is getting votes the good ol' fashion way ;)