Monday, May 12, 2008

Tonga Suspended

Breaking news out of BYU Football HQ: Manase Tonga will be academically ineligible for the 2008 football season. Read the press release here

Tonga will have to re-apply for BYU in 2009. 

This is big news, and it's bad news for BYU fans. Manase Tonga was as complete a back as we have on our team. He ran with power, he blocked well, and he had great receiving hands out of the backfield. He wasn't a game-changer, per se, but he will definitely be missed. 

The good news is he will redshirt this year, and he has the chance to play in 2009 if he can become eligible once again. 


Justin said...

Who can we expect to step in and fill his role this next year? Like you said, I don't think there is one guy on the team that has all of his ability. Fui can run with power, but doesn't have as sure of hands and definitely lacks in blocking. JJ has the hands, but neither the size nor the power. We will see if he can block in the back field. I don't want to be a downer but I bet he will need a few years to get near the level of blocker that Manase was. Harvey may be the best fit, but he is already carrying about as much of the load as I think he can handle ans stay healthy. It will be interesting to see which new guys will step up and make a name for themselves.

Ross said...

I'd bet a few bucks that I learned of this suspension before you or any of your readers did.

Manase has great hands. He was a sure-fire receiver when we needed a few yards.