Monday, June 09, 2008

38 Pitches

In an attempt to appeal to Boston-area sports fans, allow me to present to you my latest site recommendation:

38 Pitches is Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's personal blog. He updates it weekly, at least that's what it looks like on his front page, and he covers everything from inside the Red Sox dugout to the NBA to his personal life. It's pretty entertaining, I must say, and a good read for Red Sox fans, and baseball fans in general.

Curt Schilling is a sure-fire HOF ballplayer, and he is probably best known recently for his performance in the 2004 World Series against the Cardinals. (Think: Bloody sock).

Give it a look-see, and if you like it go ahead and throw it in your RSS Feeder. (I'm a Google Reader fan myself.)


Russ Nelson said...

I read it and loved it! Thanks Adam for actually liking baseball.

BTW did you see the post with the picture of the rings that he has won. Incredible!

Justin said...

I HATE Curt Schilling. But I will read this on your recommendation as a good read for baseball fans in general. I have heard this blog referred to on sports shows. This is Curt's vehicle to call out other players, make himself look better, and cause controversy. I don't support any of the above. I hope that I can find some reason on this site to stop hating the man I once admired when he had a P on his hat.

jonathan said...

I'm not a Boston sports fan, but the bloody sock is pretty cool.

Trevor said...

Keep baseball out of this blog.

dj said...

I really dislike Schilling especially when he opens his mouth. The bloddy sock ? whatever

Eliot said...

I saw this post a few days ago, and just saw give a shout out to Shilling's blog. Adam, you're always one step ahead. (By the way, his post on going to the NBA finals game is pretty interesting.)