Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to the Bronx

I had another chance to go to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, June 17, and it was another day to remember.

There were a few things different about my second trip to the House that Babe Built. First, I sat on the first baseline this time. Second, this game wasn't close like the first one; the Yankees blew the Padres away (A-Rod hit one HR, and Jason Giambi hit two).

Another day at the ballpark, and another awesome experience. Enjoy some pictures, and one video I took of Derek Jeter. With the bases loaded, Jeter hit a routine grounder to the Padres' short stop. The second baseman bobbled the catch, though, and it turned into an RBI. That's why everyone goes so crazy in the video.


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Man I can't wait until my trip to the holy land of baseball. One more month!