Monday, June 23, 2008

Write it Out: Dissect Adam's Swing

Okay you golfer experts out there, it's time to put me under the microscope.

Last week I officially let the golf monster overtake and devour me. I hit the driving range at Chelsea Piers in New York City and it felt good to swing a club again. I had been a little hesitant on account of my torn ACL, but it turns out I can still throw a driver around like the spry, sun-kissed golfer I always picture myself to be. Now all I can think about is getting back on the links.

There's just one problem, though: I'm a bit rusty.

It turns out I'm one of those people that has to re-learn how to hit a golf ball at the start of each and every season. I stood over ball after ball last week, like I've done so many times before, and I thought the same motions and feelings would just come back to me. Let's just say it wasn't that easy. I made progress as the session wore on, but overall I just couldn't get in a rhythm.

So now I'm soliciting the help of all you golf gurus out there. Here is one still photo of my backswing, along with a short video of some swings I took at the driving range (special thanks to my lovely assistant Becky for the camera work). I expect some constructive criticism/advice in the comments section.


Russ Nelson said...

You wanna hit with the big boys Adam? Then take advice from Uncle Rusty. Remember torque is generated from the hips, so really snap those suckers! Second you need to follow through more; let those arms go all the way around. Work on those two things and report back in a month.

You can thank me later

jon said...

I do have to say you are really trying to hit it. So you are dropping you left shoulders thus bringing your club in on a different plain. Not that big of deal because you are flipping your wrist at the last moment to compensate. It only means you are not going to be as consistent as you could be. But you are looking good buddy. I am ready to hit the links when we come up.

Justin said...

Try not wearing flip flops next time.

Rock said...

You have a swing-for-the-fence style like I do. Except I always miss the ball.

Cade said...

Like I always told you at Riverside your arms are so straight (good) they look double jointed (weird).

Remember, I'm the great nephew of Karl Tucker.