Thursday, June 12, 2008

Write it out: The NBA Finals

For your consideration, I'd like to present the next subject for Write it Out to be debated in my comment section: The NBA Finals.

Specifically, who are you going for? The Celtics are nursing a 2-1 series lead, but the momentum (and venue) has shifted back to LA. Kobe Bryant dominated game three, but game two was controlled by Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. 

Before you decide consider the following: 
  • For BYU fans: Cheering for the Celtics means cheering for Danny Ainge, BYU Hall-of-Famer and architect of the 2008 Celtics team. 
  • For Jazz fans: Cheering for the Lakers means cheering for Western Conference basketball. This is kind of like BYU fans cheering for Utah during bowl season because it's good for the conference. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it works for some people. 
  • For Jazz fans: Cheering for the Celtics because you hate the Lakers. This, of course, is the opposite route than the one above. If you're hatred for the gold and purple runs deep, maybe this is the best choice for you. 
  • For basketball fans: Cheering for the Celtics because they're just plain good. Who cares if you're on the bandwagon?
So if you're a Lakers fan, if you're a Celtics fan, if you're a basketball fan who normally doesn't care about either, or if you hate basketball period, let your voice be heard. Leave your comment, and don't be afraid to step on some toes. 

Who do you like in the NBA Finals?


Justin said...

I have to say that I am usually a post season NBA fan, but this year I have been bored by the competition and general lack of excitement. In fact I tried to watch game two and found myself watching a dodgers cubs game instead. Now I do love watching baseball, but you would expect the NBA finals to be more intriguing than a middle of the summer baseball game that in the grand scheme of things really doesn't matter all that much.

That said, I think I would like to see the Celtics win. There really is no explanation why, I just am drawn to them more then the Lakers.

Adam said...

One thing I didn't really make clear in my post is that it's gotta be hard for Jazz fans like myself this year.

I hate the Lakers, but I also hate the Eastern Conference (especially when I have to defend the West to these loser New Yorkers). Then the whole Danny Ainge thing- is that a valid excuse for BYU fans to jump on the Celtic bandwagon?

There are just so many issues.

But the point is moot for me, because I live in a TV vacuum right now. I haven't watched a game since the Jazz/Rockets series.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

You know I have this sort of love hate relationship with Kobe. I really don't like the guy, but I think he is the best in the league. I guess i want to see him lose because I hate him, but at the same time I want to be him. Just call me torn, actually just call me one of those guys that in the end really doesn't give as sh

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...


Russ Nelson said...

I skimmed through game 1 of the finals, forgot to record game 2, and watched all of game 3. I don't plan on watching another game. Here are the reasons why:
1. I hate the Lakers

2. I have liked the Celtics in the past, but the way they play is so slow and boring to watch. I wanna see Nash or D-Will running crazy on the court giving it everything that he has to win the game. I felt like the Celtics in game 3 gave up (watch the last 21.1 sec.) and they played with no heart.

3. It may all be false but I can't get over the fact that the games are rigged. I find myself disagreeing with the refs more then ever and getting annoyed that the "stars" get ALL the calls.

I used to love watching the NBA tournament but have been unable to get excited about if this year.
I guess I want the Celtics to win, but don't really care who pulls it off. Just get it over so that I can focus all my thought on BYU football, baseball, and how to improve my fantasy baseball team.

Shawn M. Ballard said...

Once my team is out I always find myself cheering for the better storyline. Right now I like the Kobe legacy story, so I am cheering for the Lakers and more specifically Kobe to solidify his legacy and continue to creep closer to MJ status. I am not saying if Kobe wins another championship that he will be as good as Jordan, I just like the fact that we might be watching one of the greatest ever to play. I guess when it comes down to it I really want the days of MJ back and Kobe is the closest thing to those days.

jon said...

Where to begin….Simply put…GO LAKERS. But am sure anyone who knows me would not be surprised.  Anyway, here is my take on the whole thing. Kobe is an incredible player and needs the win to get some ghosts out of his closet. KG, Pierce, and Allen need the win just to feel validated for all their hard work over the years.
Game 3 was a letdown for me. The Lakers were supposed to come out and establish dominance on their home court and they didn’t. So I still think Boston has the momentum in the series. Yes, I am a Lakers fan but I am also a realist. If the Lakers win tonight and Sunday, only then it will be a series. Then it is who wants it more in Boston, one of the hardest places to win, against the best defensive team in the league.
If the Celtics win one game in LA then the series is all but over. Lakers are good, Kobe the best player in the NBA, but to win 2 straight in Boston, is something that even a little Santeria can’t change.
Note out of respect for Adam and his blog I will refrain my comments on Laker haters…..

Rock said...

I watched the playoff games steadily until this series. For some reason I'm bored with what everyone is calling a great matchup of two powerhouse franchises.

Bottom line, I HATE Kobe Bryant. He is the cockiest player in the NBA right now. His ego does not need another championship.

The Celtics will figure out how to win one of the next two in LA. Then they go home and need to win only one of the two in Boston. No problem.

The Celtics will be the 2008 NBA Champions.

And I'm a huge BYU fan, but I don't really care about the Danny Ainge thing. Ever since I sat by him at Trevor's Provo League game I haven't been impressed.

Andrew said...

I like the Celtics to win. I'm just impressed that they are able to get three hall-of-fame potential players on a team and be so defense oriented and have no selfishness on the team. It's kind of cool to watch, even though their offensive production is a little disappointing considering their roster. Also, if either team had a good point guard, I believe they would dominate this series.

Two more thoughts: First, Sam Cassell looks too much like an alien to be effective. Second, I'm tired of hearing about the unselfishness and trust of Kobe Bryant. This is the first time in his whole career where that might be true, but he's been around a long time now. Unselfishness and trust do not define Kobe Bryant.

Sarah said...

Okay, NBA isn't my top priority when it comes to sports but here are my thoughts.


I'm not a huge Kobe fan and just overall am not a big fan of the Lakers.

Adam made the point of cheering for the Utes, in post-season play to help build the strenght of the conference. I think that has more of a point in college sports, especially in football. If the MWC had a tougher reputation, it increases our chances of getting better bowls and perhaps one day being in a BCS bowl. But in pro sports especially the NBA I think it's a fairly weak arguement.

Plus I like Kevin Garnett, I followed the NBA closer when he played for the Timberwolves and wa always a fan.

Bottom-line: An unenthusiastic go Celtics

Brett Zobell said...

I have to agree with Justin. This should be a big game because of the history between the two teams, but it isn't and this fact is puzzling.

I think a few reasons for this could be the East just is that bad so no one cares.

Another reason could be the awkward ranting done by KG. He starts yelling to himself and continually drops the F-bomb. I like KG, but I'm starting to think he's literally crazy.

The Lakers are unappealing because they have no heart. I'm sick of hearing people say that Kobe has changed and has led his team to the NBA finals. Anyone with half a brain knows the reason they are in the finals is Pau Gasol. The trade was a joke in the first place, I mean, Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol? That's like Trevor Winn for Eliot Bennion (no offense Bennion. I'm only trying to prove a point).

Don't even get me started on all of the little foul calls Kobe receives, especially in the playoffs.

I have yet to watch more than 5 minutes of the three games and would have much rather seen Lebron throwing down 360 windmills. But since he failed to make the cut, I side with BYU alumni and congratulate Danny on the great job. Go Celts!

Adam said...

Brett that was probably the best response yet. Rack 'im!

Ashley Eliza said...

ad im so glad i could make you laugh by my squaw peak text last night! cant wait to see you guys!!!

parley said...

My fandom is character driven. You could say I'm not much of a professional sports fan, because I have to like the players before I root for them.

The NBA, as it's currently marketed, is a collection of a few freakishly talented players, hyped nearly ad nauseum by the media, and a number of graduated-scale lesser talents comprising the teams.

I follow and root for the Jazz, because I appreciate how the organization is defined by Larry Miller and Coach Sloan; the key players have also typically been fairly high character guys. OTOH, I've never been motivated to root for LA. I've haven't paid attention to Kobe Bryant except when he's been playing against the Jazz. I hated the way Shaquille O'Neal was allowed to run roughshod over whoever was in his way "for the benefit of the league" while he was there. I dislike Phil Jackson's consistent whining about the refs. I won't mind at all if the Lakers lose.

So, uhmm, yeah. Go Danny Ainge.

Eliot said...

I'm clearly in the minority here, but did you have to say cheering for the Lakers is like cheering for Utah? Celtics blow, even if they win.

And Brett, did you just compare me to Gasol?