Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The All-Star Game... briefly

I will now attempt to do something that that the best baseball players in the world could not do last night: re-create the MLB All-Star game in less than four-and-a-half hours.

However, I must say that I'm aided by the fact that I only caught the last four innings of the game.

For those of you who don't already know, those last innings happened to be the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th innings. Yeah. The game started at 7 pm and ended a little after 11:30 pm (MDT). The poor schlubs at Yankee Stadium were probably dying- they probably didn't get home until sometime after 2:30 in the morning (you'd be surprised how efficient the 4 train can be).

I'm actually very sorry I didn't see the entire game. I would have, but I committed to a softball team, and I'd rather be burned at the stake or miss an All-Star game than disappoint my teammates. But I am sad, because I really wanted to see, among other things, Jonathan Papelbon duel Mariano Rivera at ten paces.

It turns out there was no need for controversy, because in a 15-inning game there were plenty of opportunities for all the pitchers in the bullpen to get some action. I'm actually surprised some lucky third basemen or right fielders didn't get a shot.

By the way, did you all hear that New York fans threatened Papelbon's pregnant wife during All-Star festivities? So sleazy. The hatred between the Yankees and Red Sox is palpable. It's felt nation-wide. I love it.

Anyway, the AL won after a textbook sacrifice fly from the Rangers' Michael Young, but I'm sure you already knew that. The AL won the ASG for the 12th straight time.

And you know what's cool about the baseball ASG? The game actually means something. The league that wins the ASG gets the coveted home-field advantage at the World Series.

What an incredible concept! Instead of gathering the most overpaid, overrated, under-motivated prima donnas in sports for a weekend getaway extravaganza (Pro Bowl) or a glorified And 1 Mix Tape Tour (NBA All-Stars), you bring in the best baseball players in the MLB and put them in a game that has some sort of meaning. The result is a thrilling game like the one we saw last night where the players are actually excited to play and win.

Anyway, great game last night. Great venue, great players, good times.

Okay I'm done. How long was that?


ExpandForFree said...

Ya that was a very hectic All-Star game...tied for the longest in history. I think the other one to go 15 innings was in 1967.

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Justin said...

I loved the game last night. I too had a softball game and couldn't see the beginning. Fortunately we are blessed these days with Tivo. I actually watched the entire 4 hours and 50 minutes in about 3 and a half hours. I caught up to live TV in the 10th.

You are right though, these players cared. Numerous times, including in the ninth with Mo on the mound, both sides had runners in scoring position and the pitchers found a way out of the jam. There was good hitting, great defense, the best venue, and a lot of drunk and booing fans. What else could you ask for in an All-star game?

Sarah T. said...

It was a great game. I was able to watch the game in it's entirity. I couldn't believe how long it was. It really was a duel. But I'm glad the AL came up on top.

And how about Uggla's U-G-L-Y game. He just looked awful out there. I bet if he would have rather not been selected to play than to embarrass himself as he did.

Adam said...

To expandforfree: Looks like you're using my blog to gain popularity. How ironic.

Bryce said...

I do have to say that I wish hockey took upon the rule of whoever wins gets home ice in the finals. The All Star game in hockey is a bit less casual. The score ends up being 14-12 or something ridiculous like that.

Anyone else think that the MVP winning a new car a little ironic? NHL All Star MVP usually wins a Dodge Ram. Ooooo!

Russ Nelson said...

I gotta say that I loved the game! I watched it with the convenience of DVR. GREAT GAME! I loved that the "superstars" were already gone and that the stars that are still trying to prove themselves were able to duke it out at the end of the game.

I heard that JD Drew (MVP - take that Justin) has been hounding Francona to pitch all year, and almost got his chance.

I wanted to mention that there is nothing more American the baseball. What other sport stops during the game to play "America the Beautiful". I saw grown men crying, yes crying!