Thursday, July 31, 2008

ANTOGA: A warning

Tyra Banks absolutely does not put up with any crap on her show, so I'm sure as shoot not putting up with it either.

That's why I'm officially putting Becky, one of two finalists for America's Next Top Obscure Guest Author, on warning. What began as a pleasant little contest to pass the time during the long summer months has dragged on into a giant nightmare, and I won't stand for it anymore.

If you'll remember, I asked the two finalists for a sample submission to help readers decide ANTOGA. Well Jeris FINALLY sent his submission yesterday, so now I'm waiting for Becky.

And Becky, if you don't send your sample in by Tuesday, August 5, I will disqualify you and make Jeris the first ever ANTOGA. I'm sorry I have to be so curt, but at least I'm not as catty as Tyra.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the contest, you can read about it here)


Becky said...

you know, i do live with could have reminded me in person.

Rock said...

Give me a post about buying/getting tickets. I know you'll make me proud.