Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In the news

Here's a quick list of stories you should all be aware of about the sports that matter most:

ESPN Insider: BYU Preview. Read this story soon, because it's part of a free "ESPN Insider Preview," and it discusses BYU football in depth. Spoiler Alert: It even mentions the possibility of a National Championship.

NBC Sports: Max Hall is the Best QB You've Never Heard Of. I mean, I'm sure we've heard of Max Hall, but you get the point.

ESPN: Bowl Projections. This is the famous article that has put BYU in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma. The national love feels good, doesn't it? And it's only going to get better when we keep winning.

CBS Sports: Beck taking step forward. This is going to be a huge year for one of BYU's favorite sons, John Beck. Caught in a heated QB battle in Miami, this could very well be the year that defines his career. He could either be a solid starter, or relegated to back-up duty for years to come.

Deseret News: Utah producing top-notch football recruits. John Martinez, Richard Wilson, Xavier Su'a-Filo and L.T. Filiaga are just a few of the solid Utah HS football players who will be a part of the recruiting class of 2009. And guys like Gary Crowton and Norm Chow are poaching.

Deseret News: Deron Williams making Utah his home--all year. Just when I think I can't like Deron Williams any more than I already do, I go and read an article like this one. Give this guy $120 million.

AntsMarching.org: LeRoi Moore injured. DMB saxophonist LeRoi Moore may be out for the rest of the tour after a serious ATV accident. Jeff Coffin, of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, will fill in for Moore on tour.

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Sarah T. said...

Okay, your blog is seriously making me bummed about missing the Cougars football season this year while I'm serving in Arizona.

A part of me says stop reading it'll make it easier, BUT I CAN'T STOP!