Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Recruiting Update

After re-reading my 2009 recruiting guide, I decided to write a little update based on recent recruiting news.

Here is our most updated list of BYU commits for the 2009 recruiting class (courtesy of Scout.com and TotalBlueSports.com):

1. S Jray Galea'i: ****; Kahuku, HI. Galea'i was recently upgraded from three stars to four stars.
2. RB Adam Timo: ****; Snow Canyon, UT. Timo holds the Utah state high jumping record with a jump of 7'2".
3. S Craig Bills: ****; Timpview, UT. Bills is a Nike Camp MVP.
4. OL Tui Crichton: ***; Timpview, UT.
5. WR Mitch Mathews: ***; Southridge, OR. NEW COMMIT! Jumped from one star to three stars.
6. RB Anthony Heimuli: *; Mountain View, UT. NEW COMMIT! Relatively unknown player who impressed coaches at BYU's non-padded camp.
7. RB Peni Maka'afi: *; Northridge, UT. NEW COMMIT!
8. TE Remington Peck: *; Bingham, UT. NEW COMMIT! Two-star athlete who will play either LB, DE or TE.
9. C Terry Alleto: *; Ponderosa, CO.
10. CB Trevor Bateman: Palm Desert, CA. NEW COMMIT! Supposedly runs a 4.4 40.
11. QB Riley Nelson: *; Logan, UT.

Here is an updated list of prospects:

1. LB Manti Te'o: *****; Punahau, HI. Chances of committing: Decent.
2. OL John Martinez: ****; Cottonwood, UT. Chances of committing: Slim- and that's stretching it.
3. TE Richard Wilson: ****; Spanish Fork, UT. Upgraded to 4 stars. Chances of committing: Decent.
4. OL Xavier Su'a-Filo: ****; Timpview, UT. Chances of committing: Slim and getting slimmer every day.
5. LB Kyle Van Noy: ****; McQueen, NV. Chances of committing: No clue
6. DT Latu Heimuli: ****; Highland, UT. Chances of committing: Decent.
7. OL Stan Hasiak: ****; Kapolei, HI. Chances of committing: No clue
8. QB Taysom Hill: ****; Highland Senior, ID. Chances of committing: Good
9. LB Steven Fanua: ***; Milipitas, CA. Chances of committing: Good
10. LB L.T. Filiaga: ***; Bingham, UT. Recently said BYU is his favorite among offers. Chances of committing: Good
11. WR Brett Thompson: ***; Oak Ridge, CA. Chances of committing: Very Good.
12. S Chris Washington: ***; Northridge, UT. Chances of committing: Good.

Sorry if you thought this was just another boring post, but I really love this stuff. If I had to pick, I would say BYU will receive commitments for sure from Hill, Filiaga, Fanua, Thompson and Washington.

Jury's still out on Te'o, but my gut says BYU will land this blue-chipper. Maybe is unbridled optimism, but I've got to shoot for the stars.

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Travis said...

Adam - I left the BYU 34th some time ago, and guess where I moved. Issaquah, WA, only a few scant miles from Skyline HS, where Jake Heaps plans to lay waste to opposing defenses this fall. If I get a chance on some Friday night in the next few months, I'll go scout him for the cougs: see if he's the real deal.