Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A tough decision

It could be a number of reasons: I'm bored, I'm feeling better, I'm anxious, I'm stupid, I love the game too much or the team needs me.

Whatever it is, and even I am not entirely sure, the fact remains the same: I will return to the softball diamond tonight.

I know what you're all thinking: "Adam, what about your ACL? You've been whining and bellyaching about it for so long. Won't it inhibit your play?"

My answer? Yes. Yes it will.

In fact, I'm not even sure I'll be able to contribute to my team at all. I don't know if I can hit and I certainly won't be able to run. I will, however, resume my all-star role at first base. It turns out there are advantages to being an expert at the most immobile, and least strenuous position in the field.

I've made my decision, and I'm proud of it. My wife may disagree and my teammates may regret it, but I will be back on the diamond tonight.


Justin said...

Ataboy Adam. I knew you weren't a wuss deep down inside.

Russ Nelson said...

Give um hell buddy!

Shawn M. Ballard said...

Take it from the Wymount 34th Ward softball coach - Adam still has what it takes! We may have never won a game but we looked like we could have with Adam on first, and in the end that is all that matters.