Monday, July 14, 2008

Vai pastes Canseco

This is too good to pass up, guys. Vai Sikahema, former BYU running back and Philadelphia Eagles return man, agreed to fight Jose Canseco in a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City. The fight took place this last Saturday, and Vai laid a beat down on Canseco that won't soon be forgotten by the former slugger.

Check out ESPN's coverage (make sure to watch the highlights).

I'll admit, when I first heard about this I was a little embarrassed for Sikahema. I've seen the guy a few times (he came back to BYU to host "Cougar Diary" once), and I've come to admire him for no other reason than he was a great return man and running back during the golden years of BYU football (1980-1985).

He was also elected to the BYU Hall of Fame, which takes not only an exemplary football career, but a life of character and service.

Since his playing days, he has become a much-loved sportscaster in Philadelphia.

All in all, he's one of those guys who you're proud to say he's a BYU alumni. And I thought that great reputation would be sullied a bit by a bout with the sleezy, snakey Canseco.

It turns out I was totally wrong. Not only did Vai take Canseco out to the woodshed and lay a pasting on Canseco, but he sort of acted like the messenger of beatings for the entire nation. Vai turned into all of us--his fists were our fists--as we finally took out our frustration on one of the slimiest characters professional sports has ever created. Sikahema became our champion, and Canseco became our whoopin' bag.

The fight was supposed to last three rounds of two minutes apiece, but the 5-9, 190-pound Sikahema took care of the 6-4, 240-pound Canseco in about 90 seconds. Vai gave Canseco a much-deserved and much-awaited pounding, and baseball and football fans rejoiced as one.

I'll admit, this story made me smile.

Read the Daily News' recap of the fight here.


Justin said...

I will admit that I was a big fan of the bash brothers back during the '88-'90 era, but since have had nothing but disgust for Canseco. I am glad he got worked over.

And what is the deal with him fighting with a shirt on. I thought boxers thought it some what taboo to fight with a shirt. Is he that out of shape that he is hiding the flab? Maybe he will think twice next time before making a jackass out of himself. Doubt it.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Big Deal I could take them the same time even.

Rock said...

Did you hear Canseco wants a rematch? Idiot.