Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bronco's coins

I suspect you have all heard of what transpired early Saturday morning (August 2, 2008).

If you haven't, I'll tell you. The team spent the night in LaVell Edwards stadium that Friday, and then early Saturday morning the team loaded into buses and ran up the side of Y mountain to overlook the valley and, among other things, an illuminated LaVell Edwards Stadium.

There Coach Mendenhall gave every player a coin with an engraved Y flag and the BYU football team mission statement. Coach Mendenhall instructed the players to keep the coin on them at all times, and he was serious. He punished the team yesterday when six players were caught without their coins.

Civilians like myself didn't really understand the significance of the coin. However, I was very happy to get a little more insight into the tradition from this post on Cougarboard.com.

It appears Mendenhall is embracing a time-honored military tradition, and hopefully the dividends will be a more unified, mission-driven team. Thanks to poster geebeeyou12 for the insight.

Oh, and here's a sweet picture from the BYU Pressbox blog. It's Austin Collie giving young O'Neill Chambers some pointers.


Rock said...

Just keep the Chambers pictures coming.

And I expect you to keep up with your current pace: 3 to 4 articles a day, minimum.

Trevor said...

I'm with Ross......keep 'em coming. Or you can write an article or two for Cougar Crazies. We're back in business baby and I've got some great ideas bouncing around this skull of mine. You just wait. You just wait.