Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BYU football pick 'em 2008

Hello there, readers.

It's game week, and my thoughts are consumed with football. During this time I devour any information I can get, and my passion has intensified to explosive levels. What's more, my anxiousness has only become stronger now that I don't have the Olympics and those pasty white, dead-looking Chinese divers to distract me.

I'm sure you can all relate.

Anyway, while daydreaming about BYU and the pummelling we're sure be handing out to all our foes I came up with an idea.

I will host my own pick 'em game complete with a complex scoring system, weekly standings and a prize or two for the winners. Here's how it will work.

*Everyone who wants to play needs to email me at AdamsSportsBlog@gmail.com. Include your name for the weekly standings.

*To play, pick the winners and the scores of all 12 regular season BYU games and email me your picks (again, at AdamsSportsBlog@gmail.com). Also, keep a copy of your picks for yourself, in case you'd like to make changes as the weeks go by.

*As a tiebreaker, pick your prediction for a bowl game. Include the bowl, BYU's opponent and the final score.

*Each week I will assign points to each player based on their picks. The scoring will work thusly: 20 points for guessing the correct outcome (winner, loser), and up to 10 points for guessing the correct score of each team--for a total of 40 possible points each week.

The score points will be determined by how close a pick is to the actual score. Each player will receive 10 points per team for a perfect pick, nine points for a pick that is one point off, eight points for a pick that is two points off, etc.

For example:

Your Pick: BYU 35, UNI 14
Actual Score: BYU 42, UNI 9

You would win 20 points for guessing the correct outcome (a BYU win), 3 points for being within 7 of BYU's actual score, and 5 points for being within 5 of UNI's score for a grand total of 32 points. Does that make sense? If not, read these rules at Cougarfan.com. They do a better job explaining it, and I'm basically just ripping them off anyway.

*Weekly standings will be kept on the right side of my blog.

*You should email me your picks for the whole season before this Friday, but you can make changes to your picks as the weeks go on (except tiebreaker predictions. Those cannot be changed). All picks are final at noon on the day before game day (Friday, Thursday or Wednesday--whatever the case may be).

*The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the season. He or she will receive a second-hand trophy and a BYU t-shirt of their choice from the BYU bookstore ($25 limit) courtesy of Adam's Sports Blog. I'm not sure about second place, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a Twix bar.

*Also, the first person to score a perfect 40 during the course of the season will be given a special mystery prize.

*If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at AdamsSportsBlog@gmail.com


Oscar Addams said...

ADDAMS? hehehe yeah!

Justin said...

I am confused, but look for my email shortly. And look for my name atop the standings soon.

Becky said...

not so sure how i feel about changing the scores...but i guess it sounds fair.

i'm in.

Adam said...

There has been some confusion so let me clarify some things:

1. You can either send me all your picks up front for the whole season before Friday, or you can send them one at a time on a weekly basis.

2. If you send them all to me at once you can make changes to your picks as necessary. But all picks are locked in by noon the day before game day.

3. The advantage of sending them all at once is you can do one set of picks and forget about it for the rest of the season. Doing them one at a time may cause one to forget a game or two, and thus slip in the standings. I know constant contest vigilance is not everyone's strong point.

4. I'm mulling over possible mystery prizes--what would you all think of a private Guitar Hero lesson with me for one such prize?

ali said...

ok Adam, I'm a little confused (only so much football can fit into my pretty little head), but I'm totally participating the best I can--just keep in mind that I have no idea what I'm doing..

Kelly said...

Adam. I'll participate, but don't you think it would be good to require everyone, before the season begins, to predict the entire schedule win/loss record, not necessarily the score. then the score can be updated from week to week, but everyone must decide this week what the final record will be.

Adam said...

That's a good thought, but I'll keep it the way it is. I like the fact that people can change things up on a weekly basis.

Rock said...

Looks like I wasn't the only one a bit confused by your tactics.

Nonetheless, I love guessing scores--thanks for providing an outlet.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

I'm boycotting this contest/game until I either win or lose the anatonga crap. Adam is full of fantastic ideas and empty promises.

Adam said...

Jeris you already lost. Becky beat you down, and I'm just waiting for her post.

You should start reading my blog again--you'll find you're missing out on a whole world of information.

And if you don't want a Guitar Hero Lesson/Twix bar... well then that's your loss.

Becky said...

jeris it's already been announced and my post will be up soon? have you not been reading ASB?


Mars said...

BYU 41
UNI 17