Monday, August 04, 2008

Fall Camp (forgiveness, please)

My pal Ross had to call me out: my blog has been a giant disappointment over the past week or so.

Don't get me wrong, I'm always proud of my work, but BYU fall camp started last Saturday and two full days have gone by (not counting the weeks and weeks of anticipation) with nary a sentence about the Cougs and the beginnings of their Quest for Perfection.

Please forgive me. I got so caught up in the contests and Chuck-A-Rama sponsorships that I forgot the heart and soul of Adam's Sports Blog: The mighty BYU Cougars.

Reports and predictions abound, but let me quickly run down what I feel will be the highlights of fall camp.

1. The newcomers. I don't know if you know this about me, but I get jazzed about the new guys and the unsung heroes. I've already gone on record as the ringleader in the O'Neill Chambers fan circus, but watch out for guys like Shiloah Te'o, Tevita Hola, Justin Sorenson and Michael Alisa. These guys could be making a big impact on the Cougs in 2008.

The Cougs, after all, have been the beneficiaries of some very talented freshmen as of late (McKay Jacobsen in 2006, Harvey Unga in 2007). Who will be the impact freshman of 2008? My vote goes to either Chambers or Sorenson, who can kick the ball a country mile.

2. Open Practice. It hasn't been well-publicized (in my opinion), but BYU will have one open practice this year (as opposed to three last year). It will be this Thursday, August 7 from 10 a.m. to noon. And yes, before you even ask--I will be there... providing my ACL surgery scheduled the same day won't be in that time frame. It will finally give guys like me a chance to actually see the Cougs play and give personal evaluations. I know how you guys like those personal evaluations.

3. The backup. Bronco Mendenhall called Brenden Gaskins out by name and showered praises on the backup QB after Saturday's practice. Now, BYU fans are all too aware that the dropoff between our starting QB and our backup has been akin to the free fall at Seven Peaks, but maybe Gaskins will turn that perception around in 2008. If Gaskins keeps delighting Coach Mendenhall like he did Saturday, maybe BYU fans won't be so terrified if Max Hall goes down with an injury.

Check that... we'll still be terrified.

4. Austin Collie. Yikes. Who saw this one coming? I gotta be honest I'm not too worried about it. Collie, Hall and Mendenhall all say the injury isn't that big a deal (despite fans blowing up about it everywhere), and I trust them completely. But then again, the Cougs have underplayed an injury before...

Personally, I don't care if Collie doesn't practice as much as the other guys during fall camp. Honestly, I think Collie is the kind of guy that could show up on game day after going on a week-long bender and still be the all-star. Of course we all know he wouldn't do something like that. Righteous living, and all.

(By the way, can you believe this Austin Collie "magic happens" story is still in the newspapers? STILL! This story needs to be like the Utes' 2004 season: It needs to go away and never come back.)

Anyway, there's a taste of what's been on my mind. To wrap up, let me say this: I love fall camp. I love that actual news is being pumped out of Provo. The football factory is up and running, and every day brings with it new stories, new possibilities, new talent and less time to kickoff. It's been a long night, and the dawning of a brighter day can be seen on the horizon.


Seth said...

Nice to see the quality BYU takes back again. I posted this article on I'm looking forward to the open practice session and your thoughts on how the team is looking.

Rock said...

Atta' boy, Adam. Way to steer this ship back on course.

And I'm the leader of the Chambers fan band, as far as I'm concerned. Just feed me everything you know on him, all day everyday.