Monday, August 11, 2008

Hell Week

As you can probably tell, this is a big week for sports bloggers. Not only are the Olympics in full swing, but the greatest time of the whole year (football season) is less than three paltry weeks away, and teams around the country are running two-a-day practices (typically they run these practices for a week, hence the title).

Thankfully for those who love reading any and every bit of useless commentary available on the Web, though, I am completely unable to do anything but sit and write at a computer.

That is why I have decided to embark on something that will truly test my physical, mental and typological capacities in a way they've never been tested before. This week I will put myself through the rigors of two-a-days.

In addition to my live Olympic blogging, readers of Adam's Sports Blog can expect two posts every single day about BYU football. You read that right: Two posts about BYU football every single day for the week of August 11-15 (I know it's not technically a complete week--we'll call it a work week).

Enjoy your week, sports fans, and go Cougs!

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