Sunday, August 17, 2008

Live Blogging: Track and Field

After a night of re-watching the "fastest man alive" (Usain Bolt) and the greatest Olympian of all time (Michael Phelps), I just have a few thoughts.

First, I have to tell you all about a trip my wife and I took to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We made a special point to hit up the Met because of an exhibit they were running which featured superheros, their costumes and how they've influenced fashion and culture.

Both my wife and I wanted to see this exhibit because it appealed to both of us: Becky because she is very cultured and thoughtful, and me because deep down below the surface I am a very nerdy comic book geek.

Anyway, the exhibit used a lot of different superheros, but one of the most interesting to me was Flash. Flash, as you'll recall, has super speed and is a part of the Justice League.

I bring this up because the museum exhibit made an interesting point about Flash. Flash, they said, is quickly becoming a non-hero. We humans are bridging the gap that made Flash so special and are quickly making super speed obsolete. As evidence, the museum collected pieces of fashion that evolved over time to make humans faster: the bullet swimming suits, different pieces of athletic gear, etc.

I thought about this exhibit while watching Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps tonight. These are the fastest athletes in the world at their respective sports, but one can only wonder: How long will their super speed last?

Year after year seemingly unbreakable records get broken. Every Olympics bring with them new superstars. Times keep getting lower and lower, and everyone that witnesses these speedsters are left in a wake of awe, thinking these times will never get any lower.

But they always do.

They call Usain Bolt, winner of the 100 meters, the "fastest man alive." But his unbeatable time will be beaten eventually. But when? And who?

Flash is shaking in his boots right now.

PS- Phelps is the new Poseidon. What he finished tonight was incredible.


Trevor said...

No, Michael Phelphs is AquaMan, for obvious reasons.

Who would win in a race between Flash and Superman?

Does Ironman wear underwear under his suit?

P.S. GREAT poll question on greatest athlete. Lesley and I sat here for 10 minutes discussing the merits of each one. I finally went with Tiger, shocking even myself. Good thought provoking work.

Rock said...

That's ridiculous Trevor. If you're trying to chose the athlete that is MOST dominant in THEIR sport, it' Phelps. Hands down. Tiger may be more recognizable and famous, but Phelps is more dominant.

Adam said...

Trevor- it's funny you picked Tiger Woods because originally I wasn't even going to put him on there.

Golfers, to me, aren't technically athletes. They're more like professionals- like doctors or lawyers.

Trevor said...

Wrong Rock. Tiger is more dominant than Phelps in my book. Phelps has won more medals than anyone else, but Tiger will win more majors too. Tiger DOMINATES the field. There's Tiger, and then everyone else. It's always "Tiger vs. the field. Can anyone beat Tiger? Who can challenge Tiger?" Because he's THAT much better. Tiger has changed the way golf is played while setting all kinds of new records, much like Phelps. But it came down to if were their competitor, who would I least want to face? And for me, that was Tiger. Then Phelps, then Jordan. Remember, Phelps won a race by 1/100th of a second. I'm not knocking him, because he won, but that's not destroying the competition in that particular stroke.

And Tiger Woods is the most mentally tough athlete of all time. NO ONE beats Tiger head to head on Sunday. No one. There are people that can hang with Phelps in certain strokes.

I still think Phelps is the man though.