Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michael Reed, keep on keepin' on

Salt Lake Tribune BYU beat writer Jay Drew recently said that if he had to pick a fall camp MVP it would be Michael Reed, the steady receiver out of Baytown, Texas.

I'm a fan of Michael Reed, and I appreciate Drew's kind words. Reed doesn't get the credit he deserves, in my opinion, especially from BYU fans.

Reed is in a tough position at BYU. He was a former Texas WR star who came into Provo riding a wave of hype. He had a solid '05 season, becoming one of John Beck's favorite targets, but then kind of slipped into the shadows--with guys like McKay Jacobson and Jonny Harline grabbing the limelight in '06, and then the return of Austin Collie in '07.

All the while, though, Reed has been a solid receiver for BYU. Granted, he has an unusual propensity to get injured during touchdown celebrations (remember TCU, '06?), but Reed has never done anything at BYU to make me dislike him for any reason.

Has he been a 1,000 yard guy? No.

Has he been a "stretch the defense" deep threat guy? Sometimes... but generally no.

What he has done, though, is get critical first downs, make spectacular TD catches (Wyoming, '06) and block his butt off for superstar tailbacks like Harvey Unga.

By the way, if you haven't noticed Michael Reed's blocking abilities, I highly recommend you watch for it this year. One of the most underrated abilities for receivers is blocking, and Reed does a great job of it. (For proof watch the beginning of this video where Reed de-cleats Utah's Steve Tate. It's a thing of beauty.)

Anyway, keep on truckin' Michael Reed. You're a solid guy, and I hope you have a great senior season.


Rock said...

Great find on the Youtube video; Tate absolutely got ROCKED. Who would have thought Reed could lay a guy out like that?

Here's to another fine season with Michael Reed.

The Tuck Man said...

Reed in my viewpoint is kinda like the Harpring for the Cougs. What he does may not always show up in the boxscore but makes a vast difference! His ability as a blocking receiver comes up big.

Trevor said...

Michael Reed defined: Last play in OT of the '05 Utah game John Beck flipped the ball up into the endzone, praying that someone would catch. Reed changed directions, sprinted to it, and dove for the ball, just missing it. He dislocated his shoulder diving for that ball, but no one remembers because the stupid Ute fans were rushing our field. I hate them so much. But Reed is the epitome of hustle, hard work, and team play.

With that said, I've always kind of been left wanting a little more from Reed. He's never let me down, but I always feel like he's JUST on the verge of breaking out, but never quite does. Don't get me wrong....I'm not complaining, cuz you can't have a team of Collies, and Reed has always been solid, but I feel like he has that next level in him. I hope this is the year he becomes that next level of player. He's been so solid for 3 let's see him break out and star.

Russ Nelson said...

Dude's solid!