Monday, August 11, 2008

Our new kicker

Remember when we got a commitment from Mr. Universe Justin Sorenson? It came at the perfect time. 2007, as you'll remember, was a horrible year for Cougar kickers. Remember this? We didn't trust our kicker with any kind of responsibility outside the ten yard line.

All the while we were hearing about a wunderkind (that's not a typo--it's German) up at Bingham High School who was kicking 200 yard field goals on a daily basis. And the best news is he signed on with the Cougs.

We've been waiting eagerly for the kicker/unicyclist phenom to step on BYU campus and now he is finally here. The air in Provo is a little bit sweeter.

But now... it looks to me like Sorenson was a little over-hyped.

Sorenson has been a little less than impressive in camp lately according to reports. At best he's been on par with Mitch Payne, last year's train wreck of a kicker.

Although, in fairness to Payne he was hampered most of the year with a groin injury. Ah the kicker's kryptonite: The groin.

There is good news, though: Sorenson may not be as accurate as we all thought he would be, but at least he'll be able to boot the ball out of the endzone on a regular basis. That alone is enough to earn the kid a scholarship; letting the other teams start every drive on the 40 is no way to win ball games.


I neglected to include the link to the story that prompted this post in the first place. In this article Jay Drew reported that BYU coaches allowed Justin Sorenson a chance to kick a 65-yard field goal. He fell well short.


Rock said...

Good to see a BYU football post. I like the Olympics and all, but I thought you'd forgotten Fall practice was going on.

I think Sorensen will be the starter after a couple games. I am surprised he's struggling with accuracy, though. He was 54 of 55 on PATs in high school.

parley said...

I think the second day of camp Sorensen had a bad day and has had a few misses since then. Payne hasn't had any bad days.

No formal decision, yet, but the coaches seem to be leaning towards split kicking responsibilities. Payne will likely handle extra-points and FG's out to 45 yards. Sorenson will do KO's and longer distance FGs. Both kickers were 100% yesterday with Payne and Sorensen making them from 45 yards. Sorensen also kicked a 50 yarder with lot's of room to spare according to Greg Wrubell.