Thursday, August 14, 2008

A painful admission

Everyone, I need to come clean.

I'm not proud to admit this, nor am I happy to concede that there is a chink in my BYU armor, but I feel I need to unburden myself.

I think, at this point of the year 2008, I'm more interested in the Olympics than I am in BYU football.

I know--I feel dirty even typing it, but I think it's true. Right now I think I would honestly rather watch guys like Phil Dalhauser (pictured) and Michael Phelps than read about Jordan Pendleton and his problems with Coach Jaime Hill.

I blame my ACL.

If I didn't have all this time to sit around icing my knee you better believe I would be at a computer screen sucking up all the BYU information I could find. Instead my days are spent icing, elevating, bending, flexing and rehabbing. Naturally, it's much easier to incorporate a television into these activities than a computer, and as a result I've become much attached to the swim team, the gymnastics guys and gals, the beach volleyball ladies with their funky patch-pad things on their shoulders and the USA basketball team (aka: The Redeem Team).

In fact, I recorded the USA b-ball game vs. Greece that aired early this morning, and it was just a pleasure to watch. I normally don't like guys like Kobe Bryant, but he and LeBron and Dwyane were making me jump out of my crutches with glee this morning. I was hooping and hollering like a little boy.

Anyway, I know this will catch some heat, but thank you for letting me unburden myself. I feel a lot better about my life now.

But rest assured, I will still keep an eagle's eye on the BYU football team and will post about them regularly. In the meantime, though, I highly recommend The Cougar Crazies blog. Its editor, Trevor, is running on all cylinders, and when that happens the blog really becomes special. By the way, do us all a favor and click on some Google ads while you're there.

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Mark Petersen said...

No need to be ashamed about the Olympics. I too found myself jumping up and down at 5 AM this morning (Washington time) for the USA vs Greece game. Of course we normally hate Kobe and LeBron during the regular reason but once they put on the red, white, and blue, they're forgiven.

Watching them whoop up on Greece was amazing. Thats what the Olympics are all about. I love it when countries think that they are now playing at our level in basketball when they have beaten us once. (Puerto Rico, Greece, etc.) Way to put em in their place!

BYU football fall camp information has been nothing compared with the drama that Phelps and the "Redeem team" has given us. Who really cares about Pendelton vs Hill anyways. I loved how Graham Watson from ESPN was making fun of how big this news really should have been. Enjoy the Dark Knight boys.